Wednesday, February 12, 2014

One gull less!!

I don't know what brought this gull down but yesterday I found it in my back yard. I think it had a broken wing. But it was already dead when I found it. Must have happened quite quickly because I was out there putting out rubbish and short time later I happened to look out of the window and saw it lying on the ground. I decided not to leave it for the foxes!!!  Poor thing

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Sunday, February 09, 2014

What lingers at the back of your cupboard!!!!!

I so enjoyed the red cabbage that my daughter Sam made at Christmas that I had planned to make it today. When I checked on the recipe  I realised that I needed some cider vinegar. I started to delve into the back of my cupboard where I found several varieties of vinegar but not cider- so I guess I won't be making this dish today!

Thought I would give the cupboard a tidy up and as always happens found a lot of things that were well beyond the use by date!!!!  There was one bottle that didn't even have a sell by/use by date so that might give an indication of how long it's been there. I think I might even have brought it with me when I moved into the house or at the least purchased it soon afterwards. 
I did wonder if it would sell as a collectable!!!!!

I never liked camp coffee as a drink so it was only ever used for flavouring.

Wondering what might be lurking at the back of your cupboard!!!

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Thursday, February 06, 2014

My family are the best.

Last month I had a major birthday. I was hoping it would just pass me by as I didn't really want to draw attention to my 'three score years and ten' When I was growing up that was considered 'life expectancy' and you did well to reach that ripe old age!!

Those who are FB friends will know that my youngest daughter, Beccy, and my two youngest grand children arrived on my doorstep from Dublin on the day. It was a lovely surprise and I thoroughly enjoyed their overnight visit, they even brought me a cake with a 'few' candles.

I always love the cards they make; so the purpose of this post is to keep a record that I can look back on and enjoy in the future.

Just after they arrived.
Beccy made a lovely doorstop out of some of my old skirt material.

Hope you can read Mollie's card (she knows me so well!) They always groan when I want to take a photo every time I see them!

From Ben

Dillon very cleverly made this pop up card. 

Beccy knows I love this colour!

Other daughter Sam had one of her photos made into a card (she is currently trying to develop a career in photography)
So if you haven't guessed I'm now starting my next decade!!!

So this is why I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family-thank you everyone for making my birthday so memorable x

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