Sunday, February 09, 2014

What lingers at the back of your cupboard!!!!!

I so enjoyed the red cabbage that my daughter Sam made at Christmas that I had planned to make it today. When I checked on the recipe  I realised that I needed some cider vinegar. I started to delve into the back of my cupboard where I found several varieties of vinegar but not cider- so I guess I won't be making this dish today!

Thought I would give the cupboard a tidy up and as always happens found a lot of things that were well beyond the use by date!!!!  There was one bottle that didn't even have a sell by/use by date so that might give an indication of how long it's been there. I think I might even have brought it with me when I moved into the house or at the least purchased it soon afterwards. 
I did wonder if it would sell as a collectable!!!!!

I never liked camp coffee as a drink so it was only ever used for flavouring.

Wondering what might be lurking at the back of your cupboard!!!

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At 10/2/14 16:03, Blogger John Greenwood said...

Nowt wrong with camp coffee!
We have a tin of Bicarb dated best before 3000!?

At 2/4/14 00:41, Blogger Beccy said...

Ughhh, coffee


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