Monday, December 09, 2013

Fun Monday Forgotten

Many many years ago Embee bought me two gold pens which I loved.  I always used them at work until one day the ballpoint one simply disappeared from my desk. At first I wasn't worried  because if you answer someones phone and take a message it's easy to walk off with pen and I assumed if this had happened it would be returned. That didn't happen and all enquiries drew a blank, naturally I was pretty upset. I still had the fibre-tip pen in the picture so all was not lost!

Fast forward to last week and I clearing out a drawer and found the pen, wondering why I'd left it in a draw I decided to get a re-fill and begin using it again. Embee went to the shop where he bought it to be told they no longer make these types of refills for this Parker pen. I still wasn't daunted as I thought no problem I'll get something on the internet. Alas no luck it seems they stopped making the refills back in 1994 and I was unable to find any refill that would fit the pen!

No doubt this was the reason I'd put the pen away and in the intervening years had forgotten why!!! Now I wonder if the gold case has any value!!!!!!!

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At 10/12/13 19:29, Blogger Pamela said...

Pens hide, I think! I can not keep track of them.

I'm sorry you can't find a refill

At 3/1/14 00:19, Blogger Beccy said...

Have you tried Ebay?


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