Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tatton Park

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with friends in Alderly Edge, Cheshire. It was a lovely weekend and the weather was perfect so on the Saturday we visited Tatton Park which, in the 1958, became a National Trust Property.

The house has a very interesting history. You are not allowed to take photos inside the house which is a great shame as it was full of wonderful artifacts.

Above is a view across the park....and below are some of the deer which you see roaming freely.

This is one of the secluded little lakes which is home to some ducks.

The other side of this lake is a Japanese Garden, that is reached via the bridge below.

Another view of the lake surrounding the Japanese Garden.

I was not expecting to see an African Hut in the middle of garden. It was built during the war to remind Maurice Egerton of his estate in Njoro, Kenya.

The gardens are so colourful and all the spring flowers were begining to bloom.

There were plenty of butterflies and bees to be seen...not sure if you can see the one I tried to get in my shot!
I'll save the photos of the kitchen garden for another post.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy 14th Birthday Mollie

Happy Birthday to my granddaughter Mollie who is 14 today.
You might not be able to read what she is holding, but it's her present from her mum and dad which is a 'flying lesson'. She was delighted as she told me she didn't think she would get it! I had no idea you would be able to learn to fly before you are able to learn to drive. I clearly am behind the times!

This photo was snapped on Friday evening when Mollie and Beccy were ready to go out for dinner.

Mollie I hope you enjoy your birthday despite all the disruptions-the icecream cake your mum made looks fabulous. Love you lots Grandma x

Update on the 'ash cloud' I still don't know if I will be getting home today, so far the flight hasn't been cancelled but they are updating every hour so time will tell. Beccy is currently driving to the catch the ferry, so I wish her a safe journey.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Long time no 'see'!!

Thank you to all my blogging friends for all the nice comments and emails to check that all is well with me. After being a dedicated blogger for three years, I suddenly felt that I had very little to say. I found the winter months so depressing and I virtually went into hibernation- a bit like my tortoises!!!
Currently I am staying at Beccy's Killiney (Dublin), where I have been for 10 days. The idea was that I looked after the grandchildren so that Beccy and Joules could pop over to Bristol, for 2 weekends, to help two of Beccy's oldest friends celebrate their big birthdays.
We were all rather worried about about the volcanic ash but the first weekend ran smoothly.

This weekend I think we got a bit complacent, Beccy was actually staying here . Her friend booked the castle for the weekend, complete with swimming pool! All went well until we heard this morning that her flight home this evening was cancelled. She tried to get on an earlier flight but that was full. She has now heard that there is no morning flight tomorrow so they are going to book a car and drive to Hollyhead and catch the ferry across. Well, that's the plan.....
Now I'm due to return home tomorrow evening and I won't know until the morning whether my flight will be operating. If it does then I will have to leave for the airport before Beccy gets home. You see it's beginning to get complicated and the sad thing is it's my grandaughter's birthday tomorrow and quite naturally Beccy is very upset she won't be home when the children get up. Mollie was actually very good about it and thought it was funny her parents were stranded....or maybe she was just being brave!

Ben and I went down to the beach this morning for a walk, it was very pleasant and the sun did shine, although you wouldn't think it by the photo (my bad photography!)
My eldest grandson, who turned 17 in March, had his first driving lesson this afternoon. I was amazed when the instructor told me he would get Dillon doing 'hill starts, reversing, and turns' I certainly don't remember doing that in lesson one! Anyway he came back after a 2 hr lesson, having thoroughly enjoyed it. The instructor thinks he will need about 3 weeks of lessons before he can practice with his parents, so I'm looking forward to the time when he can drive his poor old grandmother about...that won't do his street cred any good whatsoever!!!
I couldn't resist taking a picture of Dillon sitting the car (sadly not too clear) and that's the instructor standing by the door.

I'm not allowed to put it on Facebook but I thought I would risk it on my blog as he doesn't read it!

Well that all my most recent news, time will tell whether I manage to get home tomorrow. I know my mother will not be too happy as she has a hair appointment on Tuesday, but hopefully Embee will be able to take her! Are you reading this Embee???

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