Monday, July 16, 2012

The Viking Splash

Some of you might remember, (from Facebook), that at the end of last month I went over to Dublin for a few days to look after my grand children.  My daughter and son-in-law were going to Belfast with friends and I jumped at the chance to help out.
The weather wasn't particularly good but I did manage to take Mollie and Ben into Dublin for the day, we met up with Dillon for lunch (he's working during the summer holidays) and then we went for a trip on The Viking Splash.
Mollie played her part as a Viking. Ben was very good at roaring like a Viking to frighten passersby!
Ha'penny Bridge (officially The Liffey Bridge)
                                                                  Daniel O'Connell
The river looks quite narrow here.

Just going down the ramp and onto the water!

I did take a very short video while we were on the water can't include that here but I did post it on Facebook (not really worth looking at)!

I had a fun time in Dublin every visit seems to pass so quickly. It was only a few days after I came home that Beccy brought Ben over here for a visit as Mollie had gone to Portugal with friends (wish I had friends with a villa!) and Dillon was continuing to work here.  I'll tell you what we did while they were here in my next post.

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