Monday, May 05, 2014

Fun Monday= Favourite (Mexican)Food

Hahaha this is easy anything that someone else cooks for me!!!!! Both my daughters are excellent cooks while I think I would fall into the OK category! Looking back I have posted a lot of recipes and written posts about dishes I have cooked...I really don't think I have a favourite Mexican dish but here are a couple of dishes that I cook fairly regularly.......
no recipe just leeks, cauliflower, bacon (small pieces fried crisp), wholemeal pasta and cheese sauce, (sometimes add mushrooms) 

Moussaka (I follow a recipe but vary the amounts)

Lemon cake always popular
Now all I have to decide is what to cook for dinner!!!!!

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At 6/5/14 23:26, Blogger Beccy said...

And what did you cook? I prefer to sew now but I have to cook :( I wish I could have some of your moussaka.


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