Monday, April 30, 2012

I've messed up my blog!!

I have totally messed up my blog and don't know how to get it back to 'normal'. I stupidly thought I would see if I fancied a new template!! I must be a creature of habit because it didn't seem like me at all! However, when I reverted I lost my header and can't work out how to re-instate the picture or maybe I can't! I'm going to publish this just as a test to see what happens.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Final Resting Place

As some of you will know I lost my dear mother just before Christmas last year. It was a very sad time, and I hadn't realised just how much I would miss her. She had lived with us for nearly 20 years and had gradually become more dependent on me for support. It had become particularly difficult in her last year as her health deteriorated and her memory became poorer. I know I was often exasperated and short tempered as it felt I never had a moment's peace and everything was geared around my mother's needs. So no I was not always a good daughter but I did my best! I won't go into too much detail about her final weeks which were spent in hospital (she did not always get the best of care) I visited almost every day for 5 weeks, on the 3 days I didn't visit there was always a problem, they lost one set of her teeth, threw away 2 of her nightdresses just to give you an idea. They didn't feed her properly or give her enough to drink (nothing placed within her reach) I ended up taking in food and feeding her myself which worked but not enough to really make a difference. She had her 88th birthday on 8th Dec. and all she wanted was to come home for Christmas and be with the family one last time and sadly this was one wish I could not grant her as she lost the battle in the early hours of Dec 23rd. My mother had a very strong belief, she did her bible readings and prayers many times a day and often talked to her Angels. She had no fear of dying and was really ready to leave this world for the next! We followed her wishes and the lovely Church service was followed by cremation. Her final resting place was to be in a Bluebell Wood (my mother loved the Spring and was particularly fond of Bluebells), a few miles from the place where we grew up. My brother still lives nearby and so last Thursday we went to a spot he had found and said our final goodbyes, knowing she is happy.
Muriel Naomi (Betty) aged 2yrs

On the beach with her mother (centre) and her grandmother.
You can see how much my mother looked like her own mother if you compare this picture with the one above.
A day trip to a local beauty spot was the highlight of my young life. My mother was very fond of her mother-in-law who hired a car once a year to take us on this trip (it was actually only a few miles from home but back in the early 1950's we were happy with simple pleasures).
One of the highlights of of her life was the trip we took to San Fransisco in 2001. At the grand age of 77 it was the first time she had ever flown or been so far from home. Recently I found a little notebook where she had written about it and her excitement and pleasure was evident.
Enjoying her regular visit to the hairdresser.
A few photos of the Bluebell woods where we hope she will be happy.

Aged 78years
Aged 86 years
Last photo taken in hospital with my brother.
Muriel Naomi (Margaret) Couch (Betty) 8/12/23- 23/12/2011. Loved and missed by family and friends.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Mount Usher Gardens Re-visited Part 3

These looked stripey where the leaves were peeling-it made us think of a zebra!

Below you can see "pond skaters' they were very active. Hundreds of them close to the edge of the river.

My eldest grandson with his mum and dad in the background.

Youngest grandson decided to try something a little more active!

Not sure he's looking too happy!!

Grandaughter looking serious!
I guess she was planning a change of hair colour as a couple of days later it looked very different to these two pictures!
Some debating about the camera!
Beccy with Embee in the background (he likes to be included in my blog posts!)
One last glimpse of the river before we headed back to the car.
(Click for an enlarged better view)

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mount Usher Re-visted Part 2

Thought I would share a few of the river photos

If you click on the first photo you should be able to get a better view as a slide show.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Mount Usher Gardens Re-visited Part 1

Back in 2008 I visited Mount Usher Gardens and posted some pictures I'm sure no one will recall that far back so on our recent visit to Dublin we decided to visit the garden again . Although I've been several times it is such a pretty place I always enjoy it and for Embee it was his first visit.
What a beautiful place to live!

Imagine waking up and looking out on these views!

A beautiful little river at the end of the lawn, just wonderful.
The water is so clear and I love the reflections.
There are lots of little paths to explore.
You suddenly stumble upon bushes that have burst into bloom.
You can't go that way guys it's private!
If you are not bored there will be more photos to follow!

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