Monday, April 16, 2012

Mount Usher Gardens Re-visited Part 3

These looked stripey where the leaves were peeling-it made us think of a zebra!

Below you can see "pond skaters' they were very active. Hundreds of them close to the edge of the river.

My eldest grandson with his mum and dad in the background.

Youngest grandson decided to try something a little more active!

Not sure he's looking too happy!!

Grandaughter looking serious!
I guess she was planning a change of hair colour as a couple of days later it looked very different to these two pictures!
Some debating about the camera!
Beccy with Embee in the background (he likes to be included in my blog posts!)
One last glimpse of the river before we headed back to the car.
(Click for an enlarged better view)

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At 16/4/12 16:47, Blogger Pamela said...

I wish I'd been along

At 16/4/12 22:52, Blogger ChrisB said...

You would have loved it Pamela

At 18/4/12 15:24, Blogger john.g. said...



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