Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Who is enjoying the sunshine.....

The recent warm weather has brought my tortoises out of hibernation. Here is Tom enjoying the sunshine, Tog was hiding when I took this picture and Topsy has gone to the vet.
Topsy woke up with her usual problems and needs antibiotics and vitamins to give her a kick start! She is now an elderly lady being around 58 years old-I think I've mentioned in previous posts we got her when my youngest daughter was 9 months old, and the vet estimates she was probably 15-20 yrs old at that time.
It's going to cost a fortune as she'll be there until after Easter. After initial treatment I usually continue with the daily bathing, eye drops and hand feeding; unfortunately I'm off to spend a few days with Beccy next week so there will be no one to act as nursemaid!

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At 27/3/12 23:01, Blogger Sandy said...

I love your tortoise posts...sort of bookmarks the year somehow. Thanks, Chris.

At 28/3/12 15:04, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

The tortoises are back. The seasons they go round and round.

At 28/3/12 16:20, Anonymous Kila said...

Spring life!

At 30/3/12 21:01, Blogger ChrisB said...

The seasons seem to go far too quickly AC.

Hi Kila I love the spring, everything looking fresh and new!


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