Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mothering Sunday

Today on this Mothering Sunday I would like to wish everyone a peaceful and happy day. My mother loved the spring flowers and I must admit to shedding a tear as I took this picture knowing she can no longer share the pleasure with me.

Earlier I had a lovely chat with my daughter, Beccy, and when I go and visit her and the family in Dublin the week before Easter she is taking me to a show. So that is something I very much looking forward to enjoying.

My daughter, Sam, in the US sent me a lovely picture. I think it's from one of her photographs. I tried to take a photo but because of the glass frame I couldn't really do it justice. I think it's beautiful and I have to find a spot on one of my walls to show it off.
For those who do not celebrate today you have something to look forward to in a couple of months time.

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At 18/3/12 17:02, Blogger Sam said...

love you x

At 18/3/12 23:16, Blogger Beccy said...

I was sitting in the sun today remembering granny going down to the bench to enjoy the sun. She would have loved today-what I'd give for one more day with her.

At 18/3/12 23:40, Blogger ChrisB said...

She would Beccy although it was a bit cold here for sitting outside!

At 18/3/12 23:53, Blogger Sandy said...

Chris, I hate to sound like an idiot, but did your mother pass away? If so, my most sincere condolences. We are never too old to miss our mommies.

At 20/3/12 01:55, Blogger Barbara said...

Hugs to you Chris. I imagine this mother's day would have been particularly difficult for you. You are blessed with lovely daughters and I'm sure they made the day special.

At 20/3/12 15:36, Blogger Pamela said...

More than anything else I miss about my mama is just talking to her about stuff.

At 20/3/12 19:58, Blogger john.g. said...

Welcome back! x

At 21/3/12 19:43, Blogger ChrisB said...

Babara I got to skype both of them so that was lovely.

Pamela I know exactly what you mean

Hi John


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