Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Camera demise

Every year they hold a Balloon Fiesta in Bristol and this, it's 33rd year, it runs between the 11-14th Aug. So in the days leading up to the fiesta we often see balloons in the sky. Yesterday evening we had one flying fairly close to our house. I took the picture from my dining room window.

This might well be the very last photo taken from my little point and shoot camera! It has been ailing for a few weeks and today it won't turn on.

This camera has served me well for the past few years: (I got it when I last went to the US in 2007). Since then it has travelled to quite a few countries, furthest being China, and taken thousands of pictures and quite a few videos. Although I'm keeping my fingers crossed (the local camera shop wanted to charge £50 + to try and mend it and I didn't think it was worth it) I think I should really be saying RIP little camera.
I now need to think about a replacement....already I'm missing it as today there have been things I wanted to photograph! (sigh)

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At 3/8/11 05:01, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

Well - time for a new snazzier camera! It is amazing how improved picture taking is with even Point and Clicks now.

At 4/8/11 07:12, Blogger Pamela said...

interesting... sounds like what happened to mine. Started having weird little things like not focusing. And then the batteries started kicking out really fast. Then one day...it didn't come on at all.

At 5/8/11 20:13, Blogger ChrisB said...

Karmyn any recommendations??

Pamela I think mine gave up from exhaustion- LOL


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