Saturday, October 06, 2012

Autumn is here!

After my little drama earlier in the week (those of you who follow me on Facebook will know I've had some Victorian flower pots thieved from my back yard!) For those who don't know- the pots were taken over a 6 foot high wall and they are not exactly the lightest of things. I remember blogging about these back in 2007 but can't seem to be able to link to that post but I can show the picture
Anyway this is not really what I wanted to talk about today. Here in my part of the UK it is a beautiful sunny autumn day, and I was in the garden hanging out the washing when I suddenly realised I was being watched from a few feet away!
I thought it would fly off but no he (or she) was very bold and just sat on the fence staring at me until it saw a magpie and away it went into my neighbour's garden.

It was too nice to go indoors so I took a stroll around my very small yard. We grew a few tomato plants in a small plastic green house and one branch got broken off from one of the plants so Embee decided to put it in a pot outside and believe it or not it did grow. Now clearly the tomatoes are not going to ripen but the water from last nights storm was still in evidence on the tomatoes and I thought it might make an interesting picture!
You might need to click for better view!
The final thing which really caught my eye was the wonderful rich red colour of the leaves on one of my Blueberry bushes. I am sure the leaves are much redder than previous years, but that could just be my imagination. 

It reminded me of my trip to New England back in the fall of  2006 and this made me come and re-visit some of my old blog post. 

I then thought 'why not share your thoughts' so that's exactly what I'm doing.  Not that I think many people read blogs these days-I too am guilty of only dipping in and out from time to time. It was actually 6 years ago that I first started my blog after retiring .........I seemed to have much more to say back then!!!!

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