Monday, September 12, 2011

Fun Monday

I dropped off the radar as far as Fun Monday and blogging in general was concerned. After I did a random FM post by myself last month and Jill commented that there was to be a summer break, yesterday something drew me to finding out if there was a challenge. Imagine my surprise when I checked out Sayre Smiles to see she had set us this task:=

What is a typical day for you? Follow yourself around for one day and make note of what you do and when. It can be a workday, a weekend day... whatever you want.

Well this got me thinking (yes I still have a little of the grey matter working!)
It suddenly occurred to me that I will have been retired FIVE years at the end of this month-where has the time gone and what do I do with myself as I never seem to have enough hours in the day to get all the simple tasks completed.

So down to one of my days (I warn you it is very very boring so I shan't mind if you leave now)....Lets take yesterday well it's recent so I won't have forgotten anything! Embee was away over night in Great Yarmouth so the house was quite peaceful no sport blaring on the TV or channel hopping...wonderful!

I got up around 8am, you might think that is quite late, but it was Saturday so I treated myself to a little lie in. First thing I did was go to the local Tesco to collect the daily papers, on the way I met a neighbour and had a little chat. One of the papers was giving away a free CD (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis JR) my kind of easy listening--- reminder to self...load it into itunes!

Having loaded the washing machine, I prepared my usual breakfast of muesli, yoghurt and fresh fruit I sat at the computer to catch up on Facebook. Yes I'm hooked on some of the games so had to keep the cafe and farm going, take my turn at scrabble and lexulous (I play with some of my blogging buddies and one of my daughters).

Next task was to make the soda bread so Embee would have something for his Sunday morning breakfast. After this a few chores I won't go into details, you don't want to hear about cleaning bathrooms, making up beds, vacuuming etc but it all has to be done. Laundry put out to dry hoping the rain would stay off long which luckily it did.

My coffee break taken at the computer however did we manage before the age of computers!!!!

Some of you will know that my mother lives with us and recently she has become very frail, after a few falls. This has resulted in me having to cook her lunch every day and she likes it on the dot of 12MD. Yesterday was a simple meal- fish, mashed potatoes and broccoli-followed by apple pie and a cup of tea.

Quick salad wholemeal pitta bread for my lunch and a browse of the paper.

Spent a little time in the garden feeding tortoises, picking beans and enjoying a little sunshine which wasn't out for very long.

Then tried to tune in a new radio for my mother (she will insist on fiddling the knobs so as you can imagine this is problematic) I thought the solution would be a radio that had push buttons for the few stations that she listens to. I found one that gave an option for only 4 channels and a favourite button. It was a bit of a slow process going through all the channels so decided to leave it for Embee to do when he got home and would you believe she still manged to mess it up even with so few buttons and a heart on her fave :(

In the evening I watched TV I'm a huge tennis fan and we had a Brit playing in the semi-finals (disappointing Andy Murray lost but he played well and fulfilled his ranking status). We did rather better in the boys singles a Brit did become champion, knocking out the world number one. So well done to Oliver Golding.

Oh and as Embee didn't need a meal when he got home I was able to have a jacket potato (he's not too keen on these now me I love them) with fresh beans and fish.

What a humdrum life I'm leading. When I read of all the exciting things other people manage to achieve I know why I've lost the motivation to blog. However on the plus side I'm off to San Fransisco next month so hopefully I'll have some pictures to share and some stories to tell when I get back!!

Wonder how Embee and my mother will get on by themselves might be some more blogging material there.

Just to finish off a picture of my tortoises actually taken when they cam out of hibernation and now they are winding down getting ready for another long winter. I sometimes wish I could hibernate and wake up in the spring.

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