Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Fun Monday Topic for 14/9/09

 Here in the UK we are being encouraged to stop using plastic bags so for the last couple of years I have been developing my shopping bag collection and have become a real Bag Lady!  When I acquired another new bag last week I thought this might be a good topic.

So 'what type of shopping bag do you favour'-plastic or material? How many do you use.  You could even show us what's in your  bag!

If you fancy this topic please let me know by leaving a link in the comments. I already have a few names on the list. 
I haven't ever tried setting up a linking system so it will be the old way for me. (Gattina  did give info on Mr Linky but I haven't been brave enough to download it-I know silly really).

 The Bag People are:

The Church Lady
Stephanie (Mama Drama)

2008: Fun Monday-82 and Missing Tooth
2007: Just about the worst drawing

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At 8/9/09 15:42, Blogger The Church Lady said...

Hi Chris - it's me again and I would love to play Fun Monday, so count me in.

At 8/9/09 21:55, Blogger Jan said...

Chris, I apologize, I'm not going to be able to "play" along next Monday. Please take my name off of the list.

At 8/9/09 22:06, Blogger ChrisB said...

Jan no problem.

At 9/9/09 05:41, Blogger Pamela said...

I'll let you know later on this week if I can play.

After 5 days of traveling I am now sick. First cold Ive had in years.

At 9/9/09 19:27, Anonymous Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Oh! Okey-dokey, Sugarpie!

Sign me up!!

At 13/9/09 16:28, Anonymous margaret said...

Hi, Chris! Thanks for hosting! Sorry I'm a bit late - but this is a great topic, so please count me in!



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