Monday, September 07, 2009

Fun Monday # 132 Pets

This week Sayre wants to take a peep at our pets, she says:

I want to see your furbabies. Or scalebabies. Or finbabies. Whatever form your pet takes, I want to see a picture of it/them and hear the story of how it/they came to be a part of your family.
UPDATE: Don't have pets? Share your skin-babies!!!

Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that the only pets I have are these:

I'm not going to bore again with the story of how we got them. However if you are really interested you will find their story here. I first introduced them not long after I started blogging back in 2006. They have featured in at least 24 of my posts since then.

I also write endlessly about my family which I love to bits so I have to include a repeat picture of my grandchildren.

I lost my 'furbaby' sixteen years ago she was a beautiful dog (collie/labrador cross), a faithful friend and I have never tried to replace her. She was called Tamsie, she loved the beach and any kind of water, as you can see from the old photos, below.
That's me finished for this week.

If no one has any objections I'll host next week.  Yesterday as I wrote my post I had a 'eureka moment' and though this could be a topic we haven't covered before!
Our good friend Willowtree says he might even join in so that's another good reason for me to  host. AND the topic will be 'Shopping bags'.

Here in the UK we are being encouraged to stop using plastic bags so for the last couple of years I have been developing my shopping bag collection.
So 'what type of shopping bag do you favour'-plastic or material? How many do you use.  You could even show us what's in your  bag!

If you fancy this topic please let me know by leaving a link in the comments. I haven't ever tried setting up a linking system so it will be the old way for me.


2008: Corfu-Kerkyra New Fortress
2007: Brotherly Love

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At 7/9/09 11:55, Blogger willowtree said...

Ok, so let me see if I have this straight...your grandchildren's names are Tom, Tog and Topsy, no wait...that doesn't sound right, but then they are Irish, and we know how they love strange names...

PS. I can't make it for next week's Fun Monday, sorry. (just kidding, I'm in.)

At 7/9/09 12:21, Blogger wendishness said...

I always love the turtles when they pop up!

I'm in for your Fun Monday :)

At 7/9/09 14:51, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Not that I expect an answer, but I just found myself wondering how tortoises have sex.

At 7/9/09 15:34, Blogger Faye said...

This is odd Chris--just got a message from a UK postcarding friend--she's adopted two tortoises(tortoisi???)from the grounds at Windsor castle--hopefully not one previously claimed by QE? Of course I love the photos of your dearly departed collieX--they're a handful but worth all of it--still miss my Zack. And those Irish skinbabies are a handsome lot--one in blue shirt has the looks of a future Irish rocker.:-)

At 7/9/09 16:01, Blogger BS said...

I am back this week for Fun Monday - it's been months ... Count me in for next week too. I didn't even have to look to know what your "pets" would be !!

At 7/9/09 16:38, Anonymous Swampy said...

What an assortment of "pets."
Of course, my favorites are those grandpets !
Seems like those puppy dogs forever stay in our hearts!
Have you ever thought about making dandelion wine?

I'm in for next week. Will be out of town, so I'll have to create it before I tellin'...Swampy may break the rules !

At 7/9/09 17:13, Blogger ChrisB said...

WT you are forever the comic :)

Wend glad you are joining in next week.

AC I won't answer that question here I might devote a post to it!

Faye I'm sure your friend will love her tortoises. Surprisingly they do make good pets and they do have personalities.

BS I'm nothing if not predictable LOL.

Swampy the tortoises would not be pleased if I used their favourite food to make wine LOL. Who cares about the rules as long as join in I'll be happy.

At 7/9/09 18:51, Blogger Jan said...

Love your tortoise's. We had one, that we adopted, for years, until she died. I know you miss having a dog, too, I know I would.

I'll play next Monday:

At 7/9/09 20:41, Blogger Gattina said...

I haven't seen your turtles yet ! I read your post how you got them and realized that the oldest one is a little older then my son, lol ! My parents once had a turtle who came visiting their garden and it always tried to eat my mother's toenails because they were red and the turtle thought they were strawberries which it loved to eat, lol !
Good idea for Fun Monday !

At 7/9/09 20:45, Blogger Gattina said...

A good linking system is MckLinky
It's free and easy to use. If you want to see an example go to my photoblog.

At 7/9/09 21:32, Blogger Beccy said...

As long as my children aren't your pets!!!!

Good idea re the bags. We've had to pay a tax for plastic bags for the last seven years. Only twice have I've been caught out and I have a really nice selection of reusable bags now!

At 7/9/09 23:16, Anonymous Beckie said...

I love hearing about your pets!

Tamsie looks a lot like our neighbor dog.

Great topic for next week! Count me in.

At 8/9/09 00:01, Anonymous Janis said...

Now they are interesting pets, I didn't know you had them, had to go read the link. Love your granskin babies, never get tired of showing them off. Thanks for sharing Chris and count me in for next weeks FM, interesting topic.

At 8/9/09 00:14, Blogger karisma said...

Lovely pets! I once had a cat and when I had to give her up due to living arrangements, I could never bring myself to get another one. Funny because we have had so many dogs over the years. Ahhh maybe one day when all the kids grow up! LOL!

Count me in for next week. If I don't get time I could always cheat again! LOL! I do recall posting about this on another blog! hehe!

At 8/9/09 01:37, Anonymous grace said...

I love your pets!!

I am in for the shopping bag Fun Monday. Thanks for hosting

At 8/9/09 02:19, Anonymous jill said...

I'm glad you're hosting next week. I already even have a photo ready for it! Now if I can get it done in time! My post is finally up for this week.

At 8/9/09 02:46, Blogger Sayre said...

Thanks for picking up the hosting ball for next week! I put "host for next week" next to your link in my own FM post.

Tortoise having personalities does not surprise me. When I discovered that my fish had one and that we actually interacted quite a bit, I realized that you can't just assume anything!!!

At 8/9/09 12:15, Anonymous margaret said...

I'm just now making the FM rounds, sorry!! Your Tamsie was so beautiful. Border Collies and Labs are wonderful breeds, so a mix would be wonderful!

And your turtles are fabulous!

About African Greys - yes, they can live a long time. I hope to grow old with mine, but I do have to think that he could outlive me. J and I have a friend who also owns a parrot, and whoever goes first will leave their bird to the other. However, that friend is quite a bit older than we are, so we need to have a backup plan. Happy belated FM, and thanks for hosting next - can't wait to see the idea!

At 8/9/09 15:41, Blogger The Church Lady said...

Chris - I used to have red-eared slider turtles and I LOVED them. They were the size of an US half-dollar when we purchased them from Florida, but grew to about 6 inches in diameter. They were outgrowing their tank and I needed a much larger one, but i really had no place to keep it, so a friend of ours took them over. I miss them :0(

At 9/9/09 19:34, Anonymous Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Love your shellbabies!

Your children and grandchildren are adorable!

And Tamsie... *SIGH* What a lovely, lovely furbaby, indeed. (Tears in my eyes...)

At 10/9/09 07:26, Blogger Steffi said...

NIce to see your turtles again,Chris!Your children and your grandchildren are so nice.You can be proud to them!


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