Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Spying

I looked out of the window and thought I know that face!

I then noticed these three guys unloading the camping trailer. More chatting than unloading! I think it was the local Air Training Corp returning from camp. Not that I'm nosy or anything!

Embee picked some of the lavender and it's made the hall smell lovely. I decided to play around with the picture.

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At 30/8/09 17:37, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

That first photo is definitely not a face. Poor sod if it is. :)

At 30/8/09 17:38, Blogger john.g. said...

You are cruel, making poor EMBEE slave away in the garden!

At 30/8/09 18:09, Blogger Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Lavender is gorgeous... when the season is right, we've got some huge shrubs of it at the base of our driveway here, so i'll gather handfulls and put 'em in a vase. i know i know... it's not a very "Aussie blokey" thing to so now, is it? heh heh

At 30/8/09 19:54, Blogger Pamela said...

he sure knows how to crack a smile hee hee

I have some lavender -- I should follow your example and freshen the smell in my house. Darn cat.

At 30/8/09 22:03, Anonymous wendishness said...

hahaha poor Embee, having his back end plastered here for us all to giggle at!

I love lavender, it's one of my favourite scents.

At 31/8/09 03:53, Blogger karisma said...

We also have a lot of Lavender blooming right now! Its lovely. Now if only I had an Embee to come and help me get the rest of the garden sorted. Somebody around here runs in the opposite direction whenever I mention it! Hmmmmm!

At 31/8/09 16:49, Anonymous Grannymar said...

Thats not fair! At least you cannot lose Embee in the garden! ;)

At 31/8/09 18:11, Blogger ChrisB said...

Now I can assure you that little 'phrase 'is one that embee uses a lot whenever I happen to be bending over doing chores so no it's not cruel. Tit for tat maybe LOL.


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