Monday, August 31, 2009

Fun Monday # 131 Do I have square eyes!

I'm a bit late getting this post up as today is a public holiday here in the UK and I have Embee at home. He even brought me coffee in bed this morning...I must stop this wittering and get down to the task that Janis has set us today.

She says 'its an easy one. Since September is just around the corner, all the TV shows will be having their premiers throughout the month. What kind of TV viewer are you? Do you like sitcoms or do you prefer drama. Are soap operas your cup of tea or murder mysteries. Game, variety and reality shows are big this year too. These are just a few examples. Share with us your favorite shows and why you like it or them so much.'

I thought this would be fairly easy lately however, I've found that there is so much rubbish on TV and far too many repeats. Then Like last night you get a good show on two channels and the times over lap. I know what you are thinking why doesn't she record one of them. I might if I could work out how to use the recorder, I tried following the instructions didn't work and I haven't bothered since.

As I type I have the US Open on and I always try and watch any tennis that is scheduled, again depending on the timing. (Kim Clijsters just won her match)

Last night it was 'Wuthering Heights' that won, it's a new TV adaptation and the second and final part is tonight. (In case you are interested the other movie I wanted to watch was 'Becoming Jane'-Jane Austen)

I love nature programmes and watch 'Countryfile' most weeks and it will soon be time for Autumn Watch to start for 2009 and I also enjoy the Discovery Channel, but don't watch that so often.

I do watch a few soaps, Home and Away and Neighbours (Aussie ones)are regulars and UK ones I dip in and out of are Eastenders, The Bill, Casualty, Holby City to name but a few.

I love the Antiques Road Show, always hoping to see I'm harbouring something of interest and value!!

I'm a fan of 'Strictly Come Dancing' which resumes in September and yes I do watch the X-Factor but prefer it towards the end when the real singing starts.

I think this is quite enough from me; I think I spend more time on the computer than I do in front of the TV, although, with my laptop I can combine the two!

What I definitely won't be watching is Big Brother and I'm so glad it is being axed after next series. Nor will I be watching the endless football that seems to dominate our TV channels.
Have a good week everyone.

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At 31/8/09 20:03, Blogger Faye said...

Oh, if you were in line to see "Becoming Jane" for the first time I envy you--an all time favorite. And I hear you with the inability to record--I have none of the new gadgets so I'm constantly making choices. Thank goodness for Netflix though--on demand viewing on the computer.

Enjoy what's left of your bank holiday. Are you taking Embee out to dinner?

At 31/8/09 20:53, Anonymous Janis said...

I love the antique road show, I'm always thinking maybe I have something that could be worth a fortune (wishful thinking) I also watch TV while being on my lap top, it's quite convient. Thanks for playing ChrisB and Happy FM

At 31/8/09 21:36, Blogger Sayre said...

I haven't seen "Becoming Jane" yet either. Must rent soon!

At 1/9/09 01:18, Blogger The Church Lady said...

Chris - I spend more time in front of my computer than the tv as well. I totally forgot about the Antique Road Show. I love trying to guess how much an item is worth.

At 1/9/09 15:41, Blogger Beccy said...

For one who doesn't watch tv you seem to watch a fair amount;-)

At 1/9/09 16:21, Blogger Gattina said...

I like the british crime stories, like Barnaby, Lewis, Linley, old Morse etc ! Also Bargain Hunters and house hunters etc.
But I don't watch TV that much anymore since I am blogging.

At 1/9/09 19:25, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

I have to tell you - I was a little disappointed in "Becoming Jane". Maybe it is because I'm not a big fan of the main actress.

I love the Antique Road show too. It is always amazing to see what people's "junk" goes for!

At 1/9/09 23:52, Blogger Pamela said...

I should try to find those shows like Wuthering Heights , etc.

I always forget.

At 2/9/09 10:51, Blogger ChrisB said...

Karmyn you've made me feel a lot better about missing that film.

At 2/9/09 11:35, Blogger gracie said...

I am sorry that you do not like BB :-) The Antique road shows are interesting - grace

At 4/9/09 22:53, Anonymous wendishness said...

I'm a fan of murder mysteries and documentaries (I get my movies on dvd).

Over here, it's total rubbish that's mostly on television so I don't turn it on at all. (I watch catch up stuff online instead, so I get to watch what I want, when I want.


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