Thursday, September 24, 2009

Naked=Advertising ploy!

Standing in the queue at the garden centre waiting to pay, Embee notice these crisps (chips) on sale.............

....and no we didn't buy any but I guess it's one way to get some attention!!

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At 24/9/09 13:44, Blogger Beccy said...

Very good marketing!!!

At 24/9/09 13:51, Anonymous daffy said...

Urghhh! It would put me off buying them if I had to look at wibbly bits on the bag! I'd be imagining those same wibbly bits all over my crisps (chips) !! And what if parts of older wibbly bits had dropped off and gone in the back! *reels*

At 24/9/09 14:40, Anonymous Janis said...

Wow, that is good marketing, but don't know that I would buy it.

At 24/9/09 14:55, Blogger karisma said...

LOL! Well it is pretty clever!

At 24/9/09 17:12, Blogger Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Thanks for the laff!!

Reminds me of a chalkboard sign I spotted outside a butcher shop years ago... "SEX" [and underneath] now we have your attention: Sausages $1.99/kg


At 24/9/09 19:11, Blogger ChrisB said...

Mal that's a good one -they say sex sells!!!!

At 24/9/09 20:00, Blogger Amrita said...

well porn goes the crispy way. Very clever.

Would not buy it though.

At 25/9/09 04:31, Anonymous Karmyn R said...


but, I like my chips a little on the salty side.

At 27/9/09 00:27, Anonymous wendishness said...

haha I wouldn't bother with them, unless it was men on the pack! ;-)


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