Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Witty Wednesday # 114

I got this from Embee and I hope for his sake he's not thinking about giving me this for Christmas LOL.


A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting on the patio, drinking beer and watching my wife mow the lawn.?

Cheryl from next door saw us and was so upset that she came over and yelled at me, "You lazy prick! Sitting there drinking beer while your poor wife pushes that ancient lawn mower around! Get up off your fat arse and give her a break!"

I thought 'Shit women!' Took another swig from my stubby, wiped the cold foam from my lips, lifted my sunnies, stared directly at this nosey cow and told her in no uncertain terms to sod off and mind her own business. I told her my wife had green fingers and that she really enjoyed gardening.?

After a few days I felt really bad, so I went out and bought her a ride-on mower to show my senstive side. ?I'm really proud of the deal I got and also very proud that my wife can now sit down while mowing the lawn. Yes guys, we should take good care of our wives... then maybe they'll take good care of us.

I've attached a picture below...hope it comes through OK


(click to enlarge)
This is what it was......

...are you any wiser I'm not you can just see a glimpse of the flower in the corner and I have seen them growing in gardens.

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At 23/9/09 14:07, Blogger Jan n Jer said...

HeHe..I would kill my Hubby if he gave me something like that...too funny. Although I might add..I love to mow the lawn (with the kind you walk behind)..its great excercise.

At 23/9/09 14:33, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehehe very funny! :o)

At 23/9/09 15:43, Anonymous Beckie said...

That is some kinda riding lawn mower! Our neighbors down the street have a robotic one - they just put it out and it mows. Their lawn always looks good so it must work ok.

At 23/9/09 15:59, Blogger john.g. said...


At 24/9/09 07:21, Blogger Gattina said...

Hahaha ! I should tell that Mr. G ! but he has health problems, so I took it over.

At 26/9/09 18:28, Blogger Pamela said...

ref the postscript: it sounds naughty.

At 1/10/09 22:22, Blogger Chris said...

I have only just discovered this blog and you are full of surprises. Hehe :-)


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