Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sunny Saturday

When I was writing yesterday I forgot to mention that Nick (my window cleaner) had barely packed his ladders when the heavens opened; I can absolutely guarantee that it will rain on the day my windows are cleaned, if I was a betting person I could make some money. Of course it wouldn't rain then mmm thats an idea!!. I can actually see through my windows now so not a complete disaster. Today is a complete contrast to yesterday, the sun is shining and it is very warm, it could be summer but the trees are begining to shed leaves and the evenings are begining to draw in reminding me that Oct and autumn is fast approaching. I am off to New England on Oct 13th ( yes that is a Friday and I am trying not to think about superstitions) for a week with my friend Tina, so I am sure I will be writing about the trip when we return.

What have I been doing today besides the boring stuff like cleaning and laundry, well I have been keeping an eye on my neighbour, you will recall he fell and broke his nose. He is looking better but very bruised and battered. He finds it very painful to eat, so I suggested porridge for breakfast, which he thought was a good idea. He tells me he hasn't had for forty years so it will make a change and its healthy. I made leek and potato soup for lunch ( all organic) he was kind enough to say he enjoyed it and I have been making a daily fruit smoothy from a base of organic live yoghourt, banana, strawberries, raspberries, mango, blueberry and this was very well received (a favourite of mine). My daughter Sam said I would not be talking about food, and there is nothing clever in these simple foods made without a recipe. Had I been really clever I could have posted a photo but I still haven't quite fathomed out how to do this; I'm sure it's very simple when you know how. I will get there soon, now if my clever grandson, Dillon, could write me idiot proof instructions that would be helpful.

Mike ( hubbie) has spent the afternoon painting the porch door and surrounds so its all looking very fresh and bright. He's now ready for his beef stroganoff which by the aroma coming from the kitchen is almost ready (he will not like the brown organic rice, I love the nutty flavour, but its good for him so I alternate with white rice). Bring on the wine while I serve; I really enjoy my glass of wine with my dinner now I am retired. I have a bottle of champagne, (a retirement gift from my friend Cathy), waiting to be chilled but that's for another day.



At 23/9/06 21:21, Blogger Beccy said...

Beef stoganoff sounds yummy, we just had boring take away, the burger was cold and no vinegar on the chips but it was nice not to cook! Glad to hear David is feeling better.
I'd like one of those smoothies everyday!

At 23/9/06 22:19, Anonymous sam said...

i didn't ever say anything about you not writing about food!

A glass of wine every day? Very good. I am not going to the same things to you that you say to me when I mention having had a drink.

I love your writing, mum.



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