Friday, September 22, 2006

Relax and Enjoy

After a wonderful warm sunny day yesterday with temperatures in the mid 20's it suddenly started raining very heavily this morning. I should have heeded the weather forcast and then my washing would not be languishing on the line and far wetter than when I put it out. I have just got back from my hairdresser's' stupidly leaving my umbrella in the car; however Sarah provided me with a plastic bag made into a little hat which saved the day (and hair) and I reached the car, which luckily was parked nearby, in a reasonably dry state. A visit to 'Further Ahead' is a lovely social ocassion, which I can really enjoy now I am no longer trying to fit in visits in a late lunch hour or at the end of a tiring working day. Sarah has built her salon in the garden of her home, and her loyal clientele are very friendly and get to know each other really well. I was first recommended to Sarah by a friend at my tennis club, which must be about twelve years ago. It's surprising how you can meet people at the hairdressers, Sarah actually introduced me to a neighbour of mine. It turned out we had lived five houses away from each other for many years but had never met each other. Another coincidence is that I also know a relative of this neighbour through my work and my neighbour runs a pre-school and what was my job before I retired, a childcare inspector, (I would hasten to add not in the area where my neighbour works). Today, I also came away with several recipes from a magazine that Sarah popped across to her home and copied for me. (Sam, I may end up doing some food reviews you never know!!). I should also mention Rosanna, who helps Sarah, she gave me a wonderfully relaxing head massage. So anyone looking for a good hairdresser look no further.
I may have to call upon some of my nursing skills soon, our immediate neighbour and friend of 20 years was discharged from hospital on Weds after surgery which resulted in him needing to use crutches for a while. Mike popped in to see him early evening yesterday and found him enjoying the sun in the garden; however a couple of hours later there was no sign of him but a pool of blood in the garden as you can imagine we were really worried. To cut a long story short, the outcome, following police investigation (and I have to say they were very good returning to let us know) was that he had fallen and had broken his nose (hence all the blood); he had called to us but we were in the house at that time and had not heard him. His daughter had arrived and taken him to hospital and she later called to let us know that he was being kept in hospital overnight. So I am waiting for an update later today. As I was writing this our neighbour's daughter called to say she had just settled him back at home and he is in considerable discomfort with a very swollen face. So I will be helping to keep an eye on him for the next few days- I must polish up on the old bedside manner and powers of persuasion as he is very independent; but what he may not realise is that I will actually enjoy helping out. Could this be back to my original career?



At 22/9/06 14:49, Blogger Beccy said...

I take it that is David who fell, hope he's feeling better, send him our best wishes!
Glad you can now enjoy relaxing trips to the hairdressers, I totally agree about the head massage, I love them.
Look forward to trying your new recipes when we're next over!

At 22/9/06 14:51, Blogger Beccy said...

HI Grandma
I hope David is ok and I can't wait till I see u

At 22/9/06 23:19, Blogger Sam said...

Poor David. What a terrible story.
That must have been awful for him.
Please tell him best wishes from America next time you see him.


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