Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Life Begins....

This is the begining of my new life. After a long career first in nursing, then social services and finally, five years with Ofsted I have hung up my work laptop, cleared my home office and am looking forward to the future. Starting this blog is one of my new hobbies. My daughter, Sam, has a very sucessful food blog link to sam's blog.and a photo blog here. I love following her forays around various restaurants in San Fransisco, her experiments with various food and of course her photos. My other daughter and her family live in Dublin and although he has not been very active lately, my grandson Dillon started a blog 'random thoughts' so for me this is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends.
I am not particularly experienced using the computer in a creative way, but I'll have plenty of time to practise and (hopefully) develop my skills. I will not be following a theme but will be writing about things I do and places I visit so watch this space!!



At 21/9/06 16:14, Blogger Sam said...

welcome to the world of blogging mum.
I like your writing - it is very easy to read. I am sending you email on how to make links.

You might want to allow non-anonymous comments too, I will send you mail on how to do that too.

and maybe you should add a stat counter.

you should call me today. Or maybe I will call you.


At 21/9/06 16:33, Blogger Beccy said...

Hey Mum, very impressed, looking forward to reading your posts everyday!

At 21/9/06 21:51, Blogger Dillon said...

Nice name (mutters ms. cellania under breath and chuckles demonically to himself)clever.

At 21/9/07 17:25, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

I just had to come and read your VERY FIRST post!!! You did better than me - it took me a good month before I could link to anything.

Happy Bloggiversary again.

At 21/1/08 00:07, Blogger lisa's chaos said...

Hey, you had links in your first post. You did GREAT!

At 21/1/08 02:41, Blogger mjd said...

You did do a nice job. I did not figure out linking right away. And I was not clever enough to realize Cellania was not your last name until I said the name of your blog out loud.

At 26/2/08 00:19, Blogger elena jane said...

i love reading first blog posts!! mine is on my old blog....:-)


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