Monday, September 24, 2007

Fun Monday# 34 Family Favourite

Lisa the The Food Snob is hosting the fun today. I somehow thought that our task might just be related to food!!

Lisa wants to see our favorite recipe, be it either because our grandmother wrote it, it's the easiest thing we can slap together that everyone likes, it makes us feel healthy, it's cheap, etc. We don't have to make it (although we could if we want) She says to let us see the index card, cookbook, printed paper from the web, and why it's a favorite in our house. If you have a lot, just pick one, I know I'll have to!

This is going to be really difficult because I'm not sure that I really have a favourite recipe. I'm a phase person. I cook something we like and then I do it several times in fairly quick succession and then move on. I actuallly like trying out new recipes that I find on my favourite food blogs. Also I think I have already posted lots of family favourite recipes so I'm going to leave links to previous posts (cheating a bit-I know). Some of you will have seen my Lemon Cake, Somerset Apple Cake and Apple Crumble. Fruit bread which is a good standby as it freezes well. I love a good Cottage Pie (or Shepherds Pie if I have lamb).
Rather than a particular recipe it's a full meal that is a family favourite in this house hold- the traditional Roast Beef with all the trimmings.

Having opted out of following the rules I'm going to show you some photos of the family lunch that we had yesterday. Sam will be doing a full post on this later in the week so this is a taster! Following photos are copyright sam breach.

How about having a guess at what we ate!!
Lisa sorry I didn't keep to your rules; I will get around to visting everyone and I'm hoping to find some more recipes to try out!

September 24th 2006: Bramleys are Best

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At 24/9/07 14:01, Blogger theotherbear said...

I don't know exactly what everything was. I just hope you invite me over for dinner some time. :)

At 24/9/07 14:21, Blogger frannie said...

It all looks amazing!!

At 24/9/07 14:23, Anonymous Lisa said...

Chris- You kept close enough to them, don't worry!
I am the same with the cycles and food.
I'm wondering about that dessert.........

At 24/9/07 14:38, Blogger Amy W said...

I have no idea what the last picture is, but it all looks yummy!

At 24/9/07 14:53, Blogger Kaytabug said...

EVERYTHING looks so delicious!!!
I will guess fried squash, some kind of pork roast, cabbage something,scalloped potatoes,cheese bread, and no clue what the pudding is even if it is pudding.

At 24/9/07 14:56, Anonymous nikki said...

Hot diggity dog, my tummy is growling now.

At 24/9/07 17:04, Blogger cookiecrumb said...

Fried green tomatoes!

At 24/9/07 17:44, Anonymous susan said...

I'm not sure what it all is, but it looks great!

At 24/9/07 22:19, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

See - it is just as I was saying before. Sam really knows how to present that food. It looks delicious and GORGEOUS!

At 24/9/07 22:25, Anonymous min said...

Spinach timbales
Wheat bread with marjoram
Roast beef with brown gravy and cabbage saute
Gorgonzolla toast with Romaine
Sea Urchin (Uni)

How'd I score?

At 24/9/07 22:35, Blogger mjd said...

Your food pictures are making me hungry, and it is supper time here in Indiana. I think that I have mentioned this before. We have the same Franciscan ware plates

At 24/9/07 22:41, Anonymous Willowtree said...

I've got one word for you...drool!

At 25/9/07 00:51, Anonymous dawn said...

Wow, that looks awesome. I can't tell what everything is, but it is close to meal time here, and I am sure getting hungry.

At 25/9/07 02:25, Blogger Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Sam needs to come to my house and cook. lol.

That looks absolutely delish!

(sorry to hear about her visa troubles! I hope it's sorted soon.)

At 25/9/07 03:37, Blogger lisa's chaos said...

That was all lunch? Wow, did you even need dinner?

At 25/9/07 05:44, Blogger Pamela said...

it looks like so much work!!!

At 25/9/07 05:47, Blogger Pamela said...

fried green tomatoes
prime rib
spiced cabbage

At 25/9/07 07:15, Blogger my4kids said...

I tend to make food in cycles like that also and when I have a favorite we eat it alot more. I'm not sure what all of that is except possibly the roast. It does look good though.

At 25/9/07 08:39, Blogger Beccy said...

I'm even more jealous now and I'm sick *sighs, feeling very sorry for self*!

At 25/9/07 11:00, Blogger Sally Lomax said...

Is that beef on cranberries?

It all looks delicious.

At 25/9/07 16:52, Anonymous Robin said...

OOOooo, poor Beccy!

It's not fair to post "professional" pictures! ha!

I'm too chicken to post what I think it Is that close enough? :)

It took me all day to get my blasted FM posted yesterday...I'm STILL visiting FM people today :/.

At 25/9/07 19:12, Blogger ChrisB said...

katabug pretty good guess.

CC spot on for green toms.

min it does look like beef but was actually venison.

mjd I remembe rwe share the same china- but it's not good for photgraphing food so I'm told~ I can understand why.

lisa's chaos I certainly didn't eat anything else.

Pamela you were pretty close on all courses~ it was venison not beef.

sally it's red currents and if you've read todays post you will have seen it was venison.

Beccy we wishe dyou could all have been here. Get well soon.

Robin I'm glad I wasn't the only one visiting FM posts today. The time difference does affect when we see the posts here.

At 25/9/07 21:29, Anonymous Christine said...

I don't know what happened to my comment, blogger ate it.

What a lovely lunch!Everything looks delicious.

I'm guessing
Spinach somthing with salmon cream
Prime Rib with a cranberry glaze
sauteed cabbage
Caramel custard

Can Sam come cook for all of us?

Looking forward to reading Sam's post.
Thanks for sharing

At 26/9/07 09:45, Blogger ChrisB said...

Thank you one and all for the kind comments especially as I didn't follow the FM rules. I'll let you know when Sam has her post up as it was very interesting looking at where the food was produced locally.

At 27/9/07 02:26, Anonymous Julie said...

One word - YUM-O!

At 28/9/07 03:31, Blogger Robinella said...

"I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date"...obviously a lunch date. That looks yummy.


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