Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bramleys are Best

I am really going to surprise my daughter Sam here at becks&posh who has just posted a blog on Bramley apples. Not very exciting you may think but Sam lives in San Fransisco and apparently cooking apples are hard to find. She found some yesterday and was drooling about making apple pie. Last week when I visited my brother, who lives about 20 miles out of Bristol, I came home with this crate of Bramleys that we had picked close to where he lives. I then harvested the last of our blackberries and made delicious blackberry and apple. Pity I didn't have any clotted cream to go with it, another of Sam's favourites. I know the photo won't be up to your standards Sam but I am trying !!
PS have just seen your comments on my previous post and I was already doing this before your prompt.



At 24/9/06 19:02, Blogger Beccy said...

Hey Mum you're getting good at this. Wish I'd had some of your blackberries to put in the apple crumble Dillon helped me make!

At 25/9/06 16:32, Blogger Sam said...

Actually I don't drool over apple pie.
Just plain old stewed apple will be enough for me, or maybe with a little crumble topping for a treat [NO BRAN].

But I am actually having an indian dinner party on wednesday and am going to use some of them to make an indian dessert for that.

At 27/9/06 19:04, Blogger Dillon said...

nice photo, it looks proffessional.

(goes back to hysterics about the whitty blog name "hah" he says "ms cellania, hah!" then he notices the lovely men in white coats are back. He then turns of the computer and walks towards the door with a resigned look on his face.

At 27/9/06 19:09, Anonymous mollie said...

Hi Grandma
I love your new pictures. I think your blog is very good.

At 28/9/06 16:43, Blogger ChrisB said...

Hi Mollie and Dillon
I love reading your comments and I'm glad you like my blog. Dillon, I want to be able to add interesting things to my blog so you will need to give me lessons.
Becs I might post a phot of my blackberries just to make you more envious. I wish Dillon was here to make my crumble-maybe next time you visit!!

At 20/8/11 00:41, Blogger Neasa said...

I love these posts about Bramley apples. As an Irish person moved recently to Arizona the one thing I miss big time is the beautiful texture and flavour of stewed apple, apple pie or apple crumble (all with or without blackberries). VERY excited to see they are available in the Bay area. Would travel for these!!


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