Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sitting in the sun

Today I took my mother out to visit my brother and I took this shot of them enjoying the sun. Just as we were leaving we saw this lorry making a right hash of turning in the road. I took the picture because I wondered where these two old telephone boxes were being taken.
My brother is keeping a close eye on them!

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At 10/9/09 22:44, Anonymous wendishness said...

Not much more sun left so good idea to take advantage of it! :)

At 10/9/09 22:54, Blogger Beccy said...

Lovely picture of mother and son

At 11/9/09 02:06, Blogger The Church Lady said...

Well, I know where one of them is. It is right down the street from where I live right in the front yard of a nearby neighbor's house.

It is a strange site.

At 11/9/09 03:16, Blogger Amrita said...

That is a bright and sunny photo of your Mother and brother.

Thank you Chris. I got the book about Westminster Abbey. Its beauiful. I am enjoying reading it . All those beautiful pictures and history.

I have studied British history and literature and I am glad to see all this.

At 11/9/09 04:12, Anonymous Kila said...

I hope they weren't being taken away! There aren't many pay phones around here anymore.

At 13/9/09 03:15, Anonymous karmyn R said...

I wondered where all the payphone booths disappeared to. One day they were just gone.


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