Thursday, December 11, 2008

Secret Ornament Swap 2008!

When Julie decided to run the Secret Ornament swap again this year I didn't hesitate to sign up. Last year had been so much fun choosing ornaments and hoping that the recipient would like my choice and then seeing all the different ornaments everyone had chosen.
I sent mine off and then eagerly waited to know that my ornament had arrived safely and I was relieved when it did. Then I started getting excited, waiting for mine to arrive; however I had been busy this week, so I really did get a lovely surprise when I got back from taking my mother to clinic to find a package waiting. The real coincidence is that it arrived on exactly the same day as the one last year!

I had not met Mary before today. She writes Perfektly Mary so I scurried over to read her blog and say a big Thank You. From the little note she wrote I think she might have been secretly lurking on my blog.
Now look how prettily she wrapped the ornament and the little note.
I think you will all agree this delightful wooden Cheer will look lovely nestled amongst the branches of my tree, when I finally get to decorate it.

Embee has promised he will get the tree down from the loft at the weekend!

Thank you once again Mary and also thank you Julie for all the effort you put into organising this popular swap.

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At 12/12/08 00:01, Blogger Maremone said...

That's so funny that it arrived on the same day! I didn't realize how much it costs to send stuff :) YOu are totally worth it though. Have a merry christmas!

At 12/12/08 03:07, OpenID marmiteandtea said...

That is so pretty, now we need to see it on the tree!

At 12/12/08 03:23, Blogger Alison said...

that is a beautiful ornament and I also love the packaging.

At 12/12/08 12:34, Blogger karisma said...

Thats lovely! I am trying very hard to find my xmas cheer! The tree is finally up! Now I just have to drag myself to the shops! LOL!

At 12/12/08 16:29, Blogger Beckie said...

I agree with Alix - I can't wait to see it on the tree!

At 12/12/08 17:33, Blogger Beccy said...

Definitely time to put up the tree mum. Just think, the sooner you get it up the longer you'll have before you take it down again!

At 16/12/08 16:22, Blogger Julie said...

What a pretty ornament! Hopefully it's on the tree by now! Happy holidays!


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