Monday, December 11, 2006

Well done Sainsbury's for introducing Biomaterials

I know in the past I have complained about Sainsbury's (my preferred local supermarket). However, I feel they need to be congratulated as today when I bought my usual organic carrots what do I find. They are using a new supplier and the bags for the carrots are made from biomaterials and can be composted. The farm (Bwlchwernen) in West Wales belongs to the Soil Association and has been an organic farm for 30 years.

The back of the bag is devoted to information about organic farming and explains that the bag will break down into compost within 12 weeks. This maybe a small start and of course organic costs a lot more but I feel it's step in the right direction so well done Sainsbury's.

The picture of the farm on the front of the bag is from a painting by the owner's daughter (Barley) which I think you will agree is a nice touch.



At 11/12/06 22:45, Blogger Sally Lomax said...

Excellent! About time. The landfill wastage on packaging is ridiculous.

Hopefully all the others will follow suit. Supermarkets tend to act like sheep as well as sell them!


At 11/12/06 22:56, Blogger Beccy said...

The UK should follow the Irish and introduce a charge (tax) on every plastic bag purchased, it has cut down on this waste. I've had to buy bags twice in the last few years and was so cross with myself for fogetting a bag. I'm the one you'll see trying to carry lots of loose goods without dropping them!

At 12/12/06 09:01, Blogger Barbara said...

What a brilliant idea. I haven't seen them here yet.


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