Friday, December 08, 2006

Birthday Girl


This is my mum who likes to be called Naomi but who has been called Betty all her life (as named by the midwife). Mum actually thought she was registered as Muriel Naomi. However, when we had to send for a birth certificate a couple of years back she discovered that she was actually registered as Margaret not Muriel. Anyway as usual I digress, she won't mind me saying that today she has reached the grand age of 83 years young and she has been opening cards and presents and receiving telephone calls from friends and family.

Now I hesitate to write this as there are so many wonderful cooks out there but she decided that she wanted a chocolate birthday cake from 'Waitrose' (this is a local supermarket where she used to shop when she was able to drive which is some years ago now). I tried desparately to dissuade her, I offered to make a chocolate cake. All to no avail she wanted a 'proper' cake that was moist and she would get her friend Kathleen to take her to buy one on the way back from their weekly trip out. Well she came home with two cakes one coffee and one choc. but she said she was disappointed as they were not as she remembered (it's better to travel in hope than to arrive, comes to mind). Now we haven't tried the choc cake yet and I just hope she won't be even more disappointed once she's tasted it.

Here's a little preview maybe it won't be too bad.

Anyway here's hoping you have many more Happy Birthdays Mum love from from us all xx.

P.S see she is wearing two crosses now that's another story I could tell!!



At 8/12/06 15:14, Blogger Asha said...

Happy Birthday,grandmum err..Naomi errr...Betty!!!:))

Have a wonderful day and wish you many many more.

At 8/12/06 17:30, Blogger Beccy said...

Have just been talking to Granny who now wishes she'd let you make the cake!!!

You have to tell the story of the bling!!!

At 8/12/06 17:38, Blogger ChrisB said...

Asha my mum was thrilled to get your b'day greetings thank you

Beccy what did you think of the 'other' cross??

At 9/12/06 22:52, Blogger Barbara said...

Happy Birthday Naomi. Do you feel a bit like the queen with all these wishes from around the world?

At 10/12/06 01:59, Blogger Becks said...

i miss my granny so much.

thank you for the prayer granny.

i was reading it to fred yesterday whilst he was shaving and it distracted him and he made a wrong move so now he doesn't have a cute little goatee any more.

At 10/12/06 09:02, Blogger ChrisB said...

Barbara 'Naomi' said thank you. Its funny your reference to the queen; we often tell her she's like the queen with everyone waiting on her.

Sam Granny said she is pleased you got the prayer and she was amused about Fred's goatee. I don't expect he is.


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