Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Just One Dalmation

Let me introduce you to Angel, who is a Dalmation, belonging to my niece who lives a couple of miles away from us. Angel is a lovely sweet natured dog who normally goes to stay with my brother whenever there is a need. However, next year they have all planned a holiday together in Portugal, and I said that I would look after Angel while they're away. Although it is many years since our own dog died, I have never seriously considered having another dog as it was so devastating when we had to let her go.

Tamsie was a much loved border collie cross (labrador). If you care for your pets properly they are a big responsibility and I could never leave a dog in kennels so I was very tied and we never had holidays abroad as we could not take Tamsie. I have to add that did not worry us as we always went to Cornwall which we loved as did Tamsie who enjoyed lying in the sea or any water she could find.
Anyway I digress, my niece wanted me to have a trial run so that if I found it difficult she would still have time to book kennels which I know they didn't really want to do.
I was very confident there would be no problems and Angel arrived late afternoon yesterday. She explored a bit both in and outdoors and was very well behaved settling into her bed as soon as my niece and her daughters left. She whimpered a bit but was very exited when we took her out for a walk later in the evening. I had forgotten how strong big dogs are and she nearly pulled my arm out of its socket. We didn't hear from her overnight and I took her for a lovely long walk this morning through Blaise Estate which also has a folly and a museum in the main house. I really enjoyed the walk it's where we go as a family for our tradittional Boxing day walk so I will no doubt mention it again. The trees were still looking quite colourful as they had not all lost their leaves unfortunately can't include photos ( those who read yesterday's post will know why).
I had also forgotten just how friendly all dog owners are, so many people stopped to speak to us and introduce us to their dogs. I was educated, by the owner of a cute puppy, on the meaning of 'Angel' which is of course 'God's messenger' and how it originated from a Greek word; I met two small terriors (who were pretty little things) and their owner told me how they had recently jumped on the back of a goat but luckily no serious damage to either the goat or dogs. I could go on and on but I won't bore you with doggy ramblings. However, at the end of the 2 hour walk I felt quite elated and there was a part of me that wished Angel was staying for a bit longer; just think of the excercise I would get twice a day. She slept most of the afternoon and I have just said goodbye to her, she was so excited when they came to collect her. I am now looking forward to the next visit and I hope she is too!!

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At 22/11/06 21:01, Blogger Beccy said...

Sounds like you enjoyed Angels stay Mum maybe you'll have to borrow her sometimes!

At 22/11/06 21:08, Blogger ChrisB said...

Beccy Yes that had crossed my mind

At 22/11/06 23:05, Blogger Sam said...

when is their holiday?

At 23/11/06 07:57, Blogger ChrisB said...

Sam They are not going until next May. Sue and David are off to Eygpt in Dec and they will be away for granny's birhtday.

At 23/11/06 22:42, Blogger Beccy said...

Hey you managed to scan a picture of Tamsie. I love Tamsie.

At 24/11/06 19:06, Blogger Sam said...

awww - tamsie!


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