Saturday, November 11, 2006

Saturday Saunter

I was out doing some shopping and Mike phoned me and offered to take me for a pub lunch. As I had a half an hour spare, before we arranged to meet, I decided to take a brisk walk along the banks of the River Severn at New Passage within sight of both the Severn Bridges. It is an overcast and very windy day and visibility is not really a good enough for taking photos unless you have a really good camera, which I don't. I am trying to get used to carrying a camera 'just in case' so have posted a couple of snaps of the bridges. You can get a better view of both the Severn Bridges which take you into Wales. Before the original bridge was built you could only get there by driving around via Gloucester or the other route was a ferry across to Beachley from Aust (the site of the first bridge) I can remember doing this as a child. The original bridge was completed in 1966 a few months after Sam was born and it was a very popular walk at the time. For a short period my father, who worked for the council, operated a toll booth on the bridge, in addition to his main job. This was mainly weekends and some bank holidays.

A few facts about the river Severn that you might not know:

The Severn is Britain's longest river
100 bridges cross the River Severn
The Severn has the second highest rise & fall of tide in the world
There are 10 million tonnes of mud in the Severn estuary
The worst flood on the Severn happened in 1795
In the 18th century 60' vessels would trade as far as Welshpool
When opened in 1827, the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal was the widest and deepest canal in England.
A Gloucester man surfing the Severn at Gloucester achieved the world surfing record. Dave Lawson rode the bore for 5.7 miles on the 29th August 1996
The River Severn produces the highest bore in Europe.
The Mariners Church was built in Gloucester Docks in 1849 as a mission to the numerous seamen who visited the port.

The Severn Bore is very popular with surfers and it is quite spectacular. My grand mother went every year to Stonebench where the river is very narrow to see the Bore on the high spring tides in March. More information and a chance to see the bore in action can be seen here.

I am not going to dwell on lunch. The 'Plough" apparently changed hands only yesterday and the new owners are still settling in so I will reserve judgement but was not impressed today. Limited menu and 'no' specials.

Mike had no complaints. He enjoys his food . A bit too much!!! I did take photos but don't want to 'bore' you with such ordinary food.

I am off to the theatre tonight to see a musical will tell you all about it tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Sam, Hope you are feeling better.



At 11/11/06 18:29, Blogger Mischief Monkey said...

I have a new blog grandma it is called mischief mollie and the address is

At 11/11/06 18:37, Blogger Beccy said...

Since when was Sam born in 1996?

Shame about lunch, hope they improve, I loved their crab cakes and was looking forward to going back for more.

At 11/11/06 22:11, Blogger Sam said...

I am feeling better, and apparently more youthful too, since you reduced my age by 30 years. Thanks very much for that.

At 11/11/06 23:12, Blogger ChrisB said...

Just checking to make sure you read it thoroughly. Have now amended.
Sam glad you're feeling better.

Beccy I will have to try them out again before you come over next. Apparently they are going to do a carvary for Sunday lunch. So we shall see.

At 11/11/06 23:15, Blogger Beccy said...

Not into Sunday carvary, remember we tried it in the summer and their menu wasn't that big.


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