Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Get that car clean......

After all the fog and the damp atmosphere I was ashamed when a burst of sunshine today showed me how dirty my car had got over the past couple of weeks. So I stirred myself and gave it a quick shampoo and it is now fit to be seen again

It's a pity my grand children don't live near enough to earn themselves some pocket money. I have to say my own children, as youngsters, were never that keen unless they were desperate for money.

Now there was time when I always had a willing helper I wonder who that is don't be shy to show your face.

This is hard work but I am very determined so leave me to it.

Well that's me finished, I am very pleased with myself and it was worth the effort.

These last three photos were taken a long time ago and this little chap is now a strapping teenager. I don't expect he will appreciate this post but as a proud grandmother I thought he was cute then and he still is of course. He is also still very helpful as are all my grandchildren.



At 8/11/06 19:53, Blogger Beccy said...

Ah what a cutie pie! He still likes to be called cute though I'm sure he'd prefer it if a girl was doing the calling not a family member.

Ella now wears that waterproof outfit so it's getting lots of wear!

Dillon says did he really say that or are you putting words into his mouth!

At 8/11/06 20:11, Blogger ChrisB said...

Dillon what do you think ? it's all down to interpretation


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