Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween in New England

Halloween originated as a Pagan festival among the Celts of Ireland and Great Britain with Irish, Scots, Welsh and other immigrants transporting versions of the tradition to North America in the 19th century find out more here. On my recent trip to New England I noticed they start decorating homes and gardens early in October as you can see from the pictures. The pumpkins outside the house above were really large.

This cart of pumpkins can be found outside the Yankee Candle Factory. The grounds are very well maintained with lots of flowers still in bloom.

This was outside a little restaurant near a pretty covered bridge and weir.

I managed to get a good soak from all the spray whilst trying to get these photos..

Now I have to confess I have never been in favour of 'trick or treat' as my children often lament. I somehow viewed it as a form of begging so despite the emotional blackmail 'all our friends parent's let them' it was still a no no. Beccy, now living in Ireland, enjoys her missed childhood through her children. Over the years they have dressed for the part. They only go to local houses and everyone has treats ready so they never have to worry about the tricks. The children do have great fun and they enjoy dressing up. As a teenager Dillon might not appreciate these earlier photos and Beccy I still think you are a good face painter.

Would you be scared by these guys:

My daughter's were not totally deprived and back in 1984 at least one of them went to out to celebrate and clearly the latest fashion back then was black bin bags!! I expect I will be in trouble for this. You do have long hair Sam. Sorry Becs I don't seem to have a photo of you dressed for halloween; I know you will be sooo disappointed!!

I wish everyone a very happy evening.

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At 31/10/06 16:23, Blogger Beccy said...

Not disappointed now Mum as I wasn't allowed to go so what was the point of dressing up! I'm sure I was disappointed at the time. I didn't remember that we weren't allowed to trick or treat I just thought we didn't do it!

At 31/10/06 17:10, Blogger ChrisB said...

What did the children say about their photos (is Dillon cross)

At 31/10/06 21:53, Blogger cookiecrumb said...

You picked a perfect time to visit New England. My hubby and I visited Salem, Massachusetts (home of the Salem witch trials in the late 17th century), in October and you couldn't book a room anywhere. Very witchy!
Is that really Sam in the photo?

At 31/10/06 22:19, Blogger Foodie's Hope said...

Hi Chrisb! Nice info about Halloween! Kids are so cute in those costumes, they would get double handful of candies from me!:)

Last one is scary though!:) Enjoy !

At 31/10/06 23:20, Blogger Beccy said...

Mollie was thirlled to be in four of them, Ben was nonchalent(?) and Dillon thought the shape of his face looked awful!

They all, including Joules, feel very sorry that I was not allowed to go trick or treating as a girl.

At 1/11/06 07:26, Blogger ChrisB said...

Cookiecrumb That really is Sam I don't think she's this yet or there would certainly be a comment- good job we're on different continents!!

foodie's hope- as a grandmother I am bias but yes they are cute thank you

Beccy actually 'trick or treat' wasn't really big back then. We only had one group of kids last night with parents who were all dressed up. I thought Kelly and Zoe might call they did last year.


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