Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cape Cod

On the way to Hyannis we stopped off for a walk along the river within sight of the Sagamore Bridge (see the cormorant poised for diving).

This is a really fast flowing river.

I really enjoyed visiting Hyannis on Cape Cod (would you believe it's between Barnstable and Yarmouth) it was a beautiful warm sunny day and we took a stoll along the beach which was deserted and so peaceful (I could have stayed there all day). I collected a few shells not sure how I will use them yet.

We could see the Kennedy compound across the bay and its not difficult to imgine why this part of the country is a popular holiday destination.

Hyannis is a lovely little town and we sat enjoying the harbour infront of JFK memorial (well Tina sat I was taking photos). There are some nice houses over looking the creek just right for a longer stay.

After an all too brief stop we drove into the town to buy lunch and do a little shopping. A must visit is kandy korner. Plenty of naughty but nice sweets or should I say candy. We were absolutely delighted to find dried cranberries, which cost a fortune back home, for a little over £2 ($3.99 + tax) a packet. Wish I'd bought more.

I had not realised how cranberries are harvested and had to confess to never having heard of a cranberry bog. Tina in her native Finland used to harvest wild ones when she was a child so knew all about the process. We passed lots of bogs but they were not flooded and it was difficult to get a photo from a fast moving coach, but I did try. When the bogs are flooded the cranberries rise to the surface and are scooped off with something resembling a dustpan with teeth; learn more here; the large companies of course now use large harvesting vehicles.

As well as the dried cranberries, I decided to try a jar of crabberry mustard which our tour guide assured us was delicious with ham. You will have to wait for the verdict on this as I have yet to try it and may save it for Christmas.

Now who knows what Bog Frogs are ?? I'll tell you tomorrow



At 25/10/06 16:38, Blogger Beccy said...

I guess they're not frogs who live in bogs!

At 25/10/06 16:50, Blogger ChrisB said...

Beccy You're right!! I notice some of my posts have lost their dates I think I know why but please ask Dillon if he knows how I can add correct date for past posts.

At 25/10/06 19:00, Blogger Sam said...

well any dimwit would have been able to make that kind of guess.

about the dates - did you edit the posts and change the dates? If there is more than one post published on the same day then only the first post on that day has a date at the top and the others underneath are assumed to be on the same date, and a new date will only appear when you have a post from a different date

At 25/10/06 19:12, Anonymous EmBee said...

fxwBelieve it or not there was a time in my middle teens when one could get a pound a head for a cormorant as they were accused of ruining the fish stocks.

At 25/10/06 20:27, Blogger ChrisB said...

Sam I prepare some in advance but post the following day. What I did today was copy one I prepared last night into a new post to get date changed. I am sure there must be an easier way. I also keep getting faults when I try to alter the layout and add links.

At 25/10/06 20:28, Blogger ChrisB said...

embee that was a long time ago!!

At 25/10/06 21:45, Blogger Sam said...

mu there is an easier way - when you are creating the post look at the bottom of the square into which you are typing you post there is a little pull down arrow - open it and then you can set the date.

At 25/10/06 22:22, Anonymous Barbara said...

Cranberry Mustard sounds interesting. Do let us know how it tastes. Once travelling between NZ and Australia I was stopped at Sydney customs with a packet of opened dried cranberries. I stood there and ate the lot rather than give them up.

At 25/10/06 23:03, Blogger ChrisB said...

Sam I'll look for that tomorrow thank you

Barbara I think I would have done the same. We were disappointed that we couldn't get blueberries as well. From our food co-op they cost well over £30 for a kilo (not sure what this would be in your currency) .
I am wondering if the cranberry mustard will be too sweet I'll let you know in due course

At 26/10/06 21:42, Blogger Barbara said...

That would be about NZ$90 a kilo!

At 26/10/06 22:30, Blogger ChrisB said...

Barbara would you consider that to be expensive ?


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