Monday, October 23, 2006

What a waste of good marmite

As you may or may not know my daughter Sam is a huge Marmite fan, as is my other daughter Beccy, her husband, Joules, is a loather (is that a word). The grandchildren used to love it but I'm not sure about their current tastes. So this morning as I enjoyed a very late breakfast of you've guessed it 'marmite and toast' an article in a local paper (Western Daily Press) caught my eye. It was headed ' Love it or Loathe it Marmart'. Apparently artist Dermot Flynn is exhibiting portraits of celebrities done in marmite on pieces of toast at Air Gallery Dover St. London. I looked up his web site and that of the gallery hoping to see more of these creations but was disappointed.

So you will have to make do with this rather out of focus pic from the paper which was very small and did not reproduce very well. I don't really expect you to guess who it is - well have a go anyway (clue- she was a first). Other faces he has depicted are Charlotte Church, Vicoria Beckham David Cameron, Pete Doherty, Simon Cowell to name but a few. Personally, I consider it a waste of marmite but those who loathe the stuff will probably think it has been put to good use!!

PS There's more to follow on New England but I wanted to slip this in and I felt I needed to catch up on cooking for the 'old boy' hence the late breakfast. He recently commented on how much time I was spending at the computer so there's a lovely vegetable soup, spag bog and stewed apple ready for his dinner to keep him sweet.



At 23/10/06 15:49, Blogger Beccy said...

Magaret Thatcher!

Dillon had marmite on toast when he got up today, he's been unwell and was in bed untill 2pm.

Mollie and Ben also have it occassionally but they're not real marmite lovers like us!

Lucky "old boy", have you taught him how to comment yet!

At 23/10/06 16:50, Blogger ChrisB said...

Beccy well done glad you recognised her.
Poor Dillon tell him I hope he soon feels better.
Dad does not seem to be able to comment from hotmail could be security; I have told him to change to gmail so maybe he will.

At 23/10/06 19:14, Blogger Sam said...

I thought it was the Queen. May just as well have been, huh!?
Beccy just pointed out we were thinking of marmite on the same day. You better read my blog and then send me a care package immediately.

At 23/10/06 20:43, Anonymous Barbara said...

I could see it was Maggie T. I'm the only marmite (or vegemite) lover in our house.

At 23/10/06 20:59, Blogger ChrisB said...

Sam do you really need a marmite care package or would it be confiscated?? Fancy thinking it was the queen.

Barbara glad to hear you're one of us. I don't eat it as often as I used to because of the salt.

At 27/11/09 16:38, Blogger Maggie Hall said...

Ms Cellania & family, as you are such fans of the mighty-M have to let you know that there is a book just out that will suit your tastes! It's The Mish-Mash Dictionary of Marmite: an anecdotal A-Z of 'Tar-in-a-Jar'. No guessing who the author is! It's me. The book is designed for dipping-into - just like the stuff itself. Check it out: Spread the word, thanks, Maggie Hall.


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