Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Boston Continued

A couple more views of Boston; the Old State House is the oldest public building, once the seat of British colonial government (now a museum) note the lion and the unicorn.

The USS Constitution is the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world. She is over 200 years old and can be found in the Charlestown Navy Yard.

'old ironsides'

I didn't take any photos of the public gardens but take a look here. It is a beautiful area to relax in as you will see and the park is home to the 'Make Way for Ducklings sculpture' that is very popular with the children. The Mrs. Mallard and her 8 ducklings sculpture is based on the drawings of Robert McCloskey who wrote the 1941 children's classic Make Way for Ducklings, set in the Public Garden.

If you read my previous posts you may recall I mentioned my friend Tina, has an uncle (Fred) living in the Boston area. So on our free afternoon while I continued sightseeing and shopping, she went off in a taxi to visit him, having spoken to him on the phone that morning. To condense a long story what he had not told her was he had moved to a supported care home two years previously. Tina only found this out when she arrived on the doorstep of his old home. The new owners did not have an address and acknowledged that they had not been able to pass on mail (this explained why there had been no response to Tina's letters). However, they directed Tina to a neighbour, who could not remember Fred's address, but knew the location and immediately offered to drive her there which was very kind. So Tina finally got to see her uncle and she also made contact with his step-daughter and can now stay in touch more easily. Unfortunately Fred is not in good health and was admitted to hospital the following day so we wish him well.

If I am honest I was slightly disappointed with some the shops and the street itself was a bit on the drab side but maybe I am being over critical, however I do know others felt the same. I won't dwell on the shopping aspect as I was much more interested in the sightseeing and history of this lovely city.

(I did find some diabetic chocs for Mike in 'Godiva' and additions to his pen collection so he was happy)

At the end of the day we had all agreed to meet at a local fish restaurant for an early dinner. Our tour guide assured us it was always very busy and used extensively by locals and was reasonably priced. It is located on the waterfront Fish Pier and has been operating since 1917. What is the name I hear you asking 'No name restuarant' and if you don't believe me here's the proof.

After waiting to be seated despite an advanced booking, everything was done at a fast pace, so if you are looking for a leisurely relaxed meal and a good dining experience this is not the place to go. If you want cheap cheerful and plenty of it you got it.

The menu offered plenty of choice but I decided to try the basic fish and chips to see how it compared with traditional English fare and to see what 'scrod' yes, that's a fish, tasted like. They are not great on presentation (far too much plonked on the plate) and this is slightly off putting (I know you can always ask for a doggy bag- fish and chips I don't think so). The glass of Chardonnay was luke warm I would have expected it to be chilled but I'm no expert, so I didn't have another. The fish was quite tasty but I was not keen on the rather indifferent relish.

Tina had salmon which she enjoyed and the chap sitting next to her is also a comper like her so they were able to swap stories of winnings. Tina has done quite well so far (she won a hol to Rio earlier in the year and no I did not accompany her but I may start comping now I have more time; trouble is I am no good at the slogans but maybe Sam would help out!!)

Here endeth another day see you tomorrow.



At 24/10/06 21:21, Blogger Sam said...

You never told me Tina was a comper. I didn't know they still existed. Til you tell her I used to be one too?

Good to see "Mum the Food Critic" make her debut!

At 24/10/06 21:29, Blogger ChrisB said...

Sam I have already told her and that you edited a comp mag plus Big B'fast/Daily Mail. I am not sure which mag she takes but I gather you can also use online so I may take a look.

At 24/10/06 23:20, Blogger Beccy said...

Prehaps you can win more holidays it you've got the travel bug!

At 25/10/06 08:12, Blogger ChrisB said...

Beccy that would be nice maybe I could win you a family trip to Disney

At 25/10/06 09:21, Blogger Beccy said...

That would be great Mum

At 25/10/06 18:56, Blogger Sam said...

no - win a holiday to san francisco you ijuuts.


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