Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bog Frogs

Here's the answer and I can tell you they taste good. I was very restrained in the number I brought back.

I don't think they resemble these little chaps at all.

Often referred to as Vermont's "Little Grand Canyon' the Ottaquueechee River runs through the canyon and it is very pretty.

When we stopped at the Queechee Gorge we saw this Monarch butterfy enjoying the late sunshine. It's a large butterfly with beautiful colouring and when I returned home there was an article in the papers saying that one had been found in England which is very unusual although it does migrate for thousands of miles in America .

I particularly enjoyed a visit to Plimouth Plantation it was fascinating hearing how the English colonists and the Wampanoag indians had lived harmoniously alongside each other and celebrated at the end of the first year 'thanks giving'. Seeing first hand the hardships they endured really makes one appreciate home comforts. Of course all the fruit, veg and herbs being grown were very familiar to us as they are typical of any English country garden. Having animals running around reminded me of when my mother inadvertently bought a dozen chickens at an auction by waving to my grandmother. That was back in 1962 and I think I might have a photo of my brother with the hens that had to be kept in our back garden. As we had only just moved into a newly built house the garden was still just a mud patch so was just right for the hens. I have only recently learned he was allowed to keep the money from selling the eggs. Me thinks I missed out there.

My brother David is on the left he would have been about 15 at the time (if I recall correctly his friend is Tony Martin).

The indians would have a summer village by a creek and then move for the winter.

All the people in the settlers village are actors but the indians are not actors. They maintain the village by traditional methods.

I was told this boat would take about 7 days to complete. It can't be seen clearly but the other guy is making a pipe (not sure how long that would take but he hadn't got far).

This is the view from the room above the church, the village was within a stockade and the church would have been a good vantage point at the top of the village. There were 6 cannons in this room!!

A view of the main street again from the church with houses on either side.

We spent longer than planned at the plantation and only arrived in 'Plymouth' with half an hour to spare before the Mayflower II closed for the evening but there was just time for a quick visit. it seemed an incredibly small vessel to be making such a journey from England. Rather them than me.

They have a cranberry store in Plymouth but unfortunately we were too late to visit more's the pity. I will continue my journey tomorrow.



At 26/10/06 20:06, Blogger Beccy said...

Bog frogs look yummy.

The butterfly is beautiful, you got a good photo of it.

Sounds like a good day sightseeing and learning about the history of the area.

At 26/10/06 21:17, Blogger ChrisB said...

I managed to get quite close after an initial hiccup when some of the others had startled it and we thought it was going to fly away


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