Monday, November 06, 2006

Echo Lake

This lake was very quiet and peaceful out of season and although you cannot see it in the photo there were lots of lovely houses along the river banks. I would imagine it is very busy in the summer but it's beautiful in the fall.

Just before the visit to the lake we stopped for lunch and some us had a 'Turkey Gobbler'

I hear you asking what is a 'turkey gobbler'. Well as you can see it's just a fancy name for a turkey sandwich. I was a bit dubious but decided to give it a try as it was recommended by our travel guide. The sandwich is basically turkey, cranberry sauce and Alfafa. I was quite worried that it would be dry and tasteless but I was pleasantly surprised as it was nice and moist and actually tasted like turkey and I believe it is freshly cooked. It was supposed to be served with 'chips' but the waitress managed to get me some rather indifferent fruit instead. Now why is this of any particular interest. Well the waitress was very accommodating towards us but she had an argument with another couple because she would not let them sit on a table set for four. It got so heated with raised voices I thought they were going to get physical. However, the waitress stood her ground and the couple finally left, as they would not accept a table for two, saying they had never been treated to poorly before. It was not a tranquil lunch so the brief stop by the lake made up for this.



At 7/11/06 07:59, Blogger Beccy said...

Why wouldn't she let them take a bigger table? Surely that's better than losing the business?

At 7/11/06 08:38, Blogger ChrisB said...

That's the way they do it and there were lots of bigger parties waiting to be seated but there were a couple of tables for two vacant so I think most people would have moved.


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