Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hidden Talents

I am doubly frustrated as I have just lost a whole post that I was about to publish when Safari crashed on me just as I was inserting the last link. So I have to start over, also I cannot believe I was stupid enough to leave the cable for my camera in Dublin. I now have to wait until Beccy sends it before I can download photos from my camera. Luckily I had transferred some photos onto her computer so I am waiting for her to email those and it sounds as though they have just arrived. I need to download them before completeing this post.

The real topic of this post is Art. As I have said before I am not artistic but I am keen to try. I did dabble in watercolours (only copying) when my children were very young. At that time my efforts were really not very good and I didn't persue it. I decided that now I have more time I would give it another go. My colleagues from work decided to give me a helping hand with this lovely gift. When I mentioned this to a certain daughter who is celebrating her birthday today what happens? She beats me to it and paints pictures for her children's bedrooms.

This is the end result:
They are very good and Mollie who absolutely loves everything about Winnie-the-Pooh is delighted with the pictures that now adorn her wall.

Ben, as you can see, loves Sponge Bob and as I had never watched any of the programmes he was keen to tell me all about SB's adventures under the sea.
My grandchildren are delighted with their paintings and rightly, very proud of their mum. I wonder what she will try next!! I shall have to get started soon. Beccy's mother-in-law (who is a very talented artist) was giving me lots of tips when I saw her during my recent visit so I have no excuse or maybe I do. Still I don't have to show anyone my efforts and they will not be posted on my blog!!



At 21/11/06 23:05, Blogger Beccy said...

Maybe they will on mine!

At 22/11/06 00:13, Blogger Sam said...

where did she suddenly learn to do that?

At 22/11/06 06:52, Blogger Barbara said...

Wow, I'm impressed with that artwork. Beccy is talented.

At 22/11/06 07:54, Blogger ChrisB said...

Beccy I may not sow even you.

Sam you now have competition

Barbara she also makes children's novelty cakes so I think this is a latent talent.

At 22/11/06 08:14, Blogger Beccy said...

One of my many talents Sam!

At 22/11/06 23:03, Blogger Sam said...

well - she got training, unlike some of us who had to teach ourselves.

At 22/11/06 23:04, Blogger Sam said...

she got them out of a colouring book, didn't she!

At 23/11/06 07:54, Blogger ChrisB said...

Sam no she drew them on the canvass and then used acrylic paint (I think). OK so she copied to get the detail correct but as Marie said to me that's what painting is all about.

At 23/11/06 08:13, Blogger Beccy said...

Cheeky cow Samantha! What training did I get? and if you say art at school you're sorely mistaken, I learnt nothing and did very badly. Dillon advised me on a couple of things but I did it all myself, as Mum said I looked at books for details etc and adapted to suit what I wanted. Why can't you give me credit for working hard and doing something well instead of looking for excuses. You got your artitic tendencies from somewhere who's to say a little didn't come to me as well.

I step off my soap box.

At 23/11/06 08:14, Blogger Beccy said...



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