Thursday, November 16, 2006

Coffee with Clare

Our plans for today had to be hastily re-arranged as Mollie woke up with an upset tummy and had to stay home from school. We had planned to visit Clare (a friend of Beccy's who I now know quite well) for coffee so that we could try her Kerry Apple cake and I was also very keen to see her new kitchen which was installed back in the summer. However, once we had explained our situation, Clare readily agreed to come here for coffee and bring her cake and Beccy had made cookies last night so there was plenty of naughty but nice snacks. I am ignoring my conscience that is saying 'this would not be good if it was next week and you were recording all the food that passes your lips for Sam's challenge.

Clare arrived bearing a 'just out of the oven' Kerry Apple Cake and cream. If you are wondering we indulged in two small pieces each with our coffee, not at all good for the waistline, but it was served warm as intended and was deliciously moreish. The couple of hours we spent catching up went by very quickly and I agreed I would see Clare's kitchen next time I visit.
Here is the recipe:

8 oz Plain Flour
4 oz Butter/Marg
4 oz Sugar
1 level tsp Baking Powder
3 Medium cooking apples
1 tsp grated lemon rind
Pinch salt
1 large egg + little milk
3 tblsp Brown Sugar
Pinch nutmeg/cinnamon


Rub fat into sifted flour, then add sugar, salt, baking powder.

Prepare apples and chop finely, then mix into flour mixture. Beat the eggs and stir in, adding a little milk if needed to make a not too firm dough. Finally, add the grated lemon rind.

Put the mixture into a well greased and lined 7- inch (18cm) tin. Sprinkle the top with brown sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon mixture. Bake at Gas Mark 4 (350 F) for 40-45 mins. Serve warm with cream if possible.

As you can see by afternoon Mollie was feeling better and was able to watch some TV. She was hungry so that's always a good sign. She was less keen to catch up on homework but did after a little persuasion

Ben returned home from school about 1:30pm and after he had a quick snack it was my pleasure to listen to him read. He read me a whole beginners book and I was amazed at how much progress he had made since the summer. Yesterday to help pass the time in the car I was giving him some simple maths (adding /subtractions) to do and he got everyone right which impressed me. I know Sam, Grandma's are easily impressed, and rightly proud of their children's/grandchildren's achievements.



At 17/11/06 10:29, Blogger Sally Lomax said...

Hi Chris

I love the look of your recipe. I think I shall try this. We have a German girl staying at the moment, so am trying to make all our food interesting and varied for her!

Like the measuring cups too!
How do you link your words to various places/ websites by the way?

At 17/11/06 11:21, Anonymous Embee said...

It is simply not nice putting recipes for all these wonderful items of food on a blog when I can not have any. Love

At 17/11/06 15:13, Blogger Beccy said...

Won't tell you what we had for lunch today Dad

At 17/11/06 16:04, Blogger ChrisB said...

Sally re-links there are different ways to do this. I have a mac computer/safari and Beccy has a pc/ firefox so we use different processes. Do you have a 'ram'alongside photo and spellcheck etc when you are composing a post. Once we know what you have available we'll try and give precise instructions but I am just a beginner at this so am not very knowledgeable.

At 17/11/06 16:06, Blogger ChrisB said...

Mike I'll have to start looking up diabetic recipes and see who writes a diabetic food blog.


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