Monday, November 20, 2006

Goodbye Dublin

Anyone who has ready Beccy's post today will know that I have just returned home after spending a week in Dublin. I am always sad to say goodbye to the family but it's not long to wait until Christmas when they will be over to visit us in Bristol. It was a beautiful clear sunny day as we decended over Bristol and I had a wonderful view of both Severn Bridges. The flight arrived ahead of schedule but was not much of an advantage as we had to wait so long for our luggage. As I walked from 'arrivals' to the pick up point it began to rain and had been pouring ever since. It had slipped my memory, until I listened to the answerphone, that Mike and I have a meeting to attend tonight so that's a very good excuse, no I mean reason, for not rushing to the shops to get something to cook for dinner. It will have to be a take-away- meal, now what will look least sinful. You're right 'take away' and low calories don't go together. I promise I will be taking a photo for Sam's challenge (see Wednesday, November 15).



At 20/11/06 23:37, Blogger Sally Lomax said...

The rain has been pretty prolific in your absence Chris!

Welcome back to sunny (not) Britain!


At 21/11/06 08:27, Blogger Beccy said...

Hope you enjoyed your takeaway!

At 21/11/06 10:00, Blogger ChrisB said...

Sally thank you by the way I don't know if you saw my comment on your question about 'links' if you haven't got it sorted let me know. maybe we could do this via email?

Beccy not really only ate the fish ( this was good) and a few chips. You will be pleased to hear I resisted the choc. biscuits we were offered at the meeting.

At 21/11/06 14:17, Blogger Beccy said...

impressed mum, there'll be a few goodies on my pictures, but I derserve them!


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