Saturday, November 18, 2006

At the end of the day...

I am feeling quite exhausted. It's about 10:45 pm and the house has suddenly gone quiet, I had forgotten how hectic it can be with young children. These last few days I have had a taste of all the jobs my daughter Beccy does so effortlessly. Running the home and all that entails such as cooking, shopping, cleaning, laundry, some childcare for friends, she is secretary of the parent's association at Mollie and Ben's school and she makes sure homework gets done. She plays tennis, assisting the ladies captain and she acts as a taxi service to and from the many activities that my three grandchildren enjoy throughout the week. There is cubs, girls brigade, drama, swimming and scouts (actually my grandson does now ride his bike to scouts with friends so that's one less journey for her). As well as all this she still finds time and enjoys attending a book club.

I don't think I could keep up the pace. Let's take today Sat: my son-in-law had to go into work so he was up and away even earlier than during the week, Dillon took himself off to sailing, on the DART (train), Beccy took Mollie to basketball, came home fetched her an hour later, we then all went off for an hours tennis.

Mollie and Ben have both improved so much since I last saw them play in July. Mollie had me running all over the court so I got plenty of exercise today and it was great fun to be playing with them. After tennis Mollie went straight to hockey we went home and Mollie had to be collected an hour later. Beccy then cooked lunch and Joules managed to get home just in time to join us. She then used her new best friend 'kitchen aid' for the first time, I'm not going to dwell on this as it's for her to talk about. After lunch Joules took the children out and Beccy and I did manage to watch a video 'Brokeback Mountain' which we had both been wanting to see for some time. Just as the film ended the family returned and she then prepared dinner for the children and me before getting herself ready to go out for the evening.

I am very pleased that while I am staying she and Joules have been able to have a night out with their friends. So while they have been out the grandchildren and I have been very busy all evening (if you are wondering what we have been doing you will have to look at next weeks post probably on Tuesday). Of course when grandma is in charge it's a treat to stay up a bit (maybe a lot) later and indulge in a feast well a box of 'after eight mints' which is one of Mollie's favourite chocs (just like her mum and auntie Sam) and we don't tell 'mum' (it's our secret). So I have only just finished clearing up and I am now sitting down to relax a little, drink my camomile tea and write this before retiring.



At 19/11/06 01:18, Blogger Beccy said...

Did you save an after eight for me?

At 19/11/06 08:14, Blogger Sally Lomax said...

My Dad always says that it exhausts him just to watch our life, and he's glad he's not young any more!

(It's all a show though. It looks effortless, but that's part of the job, making it look easy to lookers on!)


At 19/11/06 09:36, Blogger ChrisB said...

Beccy oops do you think you stood any chance with Mollie and Ben around!!

Sally I know exactly what your dad means, but I love being part of it and I really wish I didn't live so far from them.


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