Friday, November 17, 2006

Diabetic Food blogs

My husband and one of my friend's are diabetics and I want to try and find a few more recipes to suit their dietary needs. As I'm supposed to have more time now I'm retired and I am back to doing more cooking Mike is beginning to feel a little left out as far as desserts are concerned. So I think I'd better start looking for food blogger who have posted recipes suitable for diabetics. If anyone can give me any links this would be appreciated.

Mike won't mind that Beccy and I stopped and had a bagel for our lunch as he's not keen on them but he would have liked the 'all day breakfast' filling. I'm not even considering the calories, after all I'm on holiday, time to cut down next week when I get home.

Lots more retail therapy today: quite a few Christmas presents bought and we had a really lovely chat with the guy in the wine shop as I wanted to take a couple of bottles of wine to a Christening party on Sunday. On his recommendation I bought some Australian wines, so I hope they will be OK 'Hanging Rock' a Merlot Geelong and Perricoota Verdelho.



At 17/11/06 19:32, Anonymous EmBee said...

Thanks for that, can I come and sample the wine. Love

At 18/11/06 16:04, Blogger Sam said...

Mum - you could start the world's first diabetic food blog.

I have never seen one.

That would be a good service.

At 1/12/06 20:46, Blogger Sam said...

here are some recipes for diabetics


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