Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Riviera Del Sol

I should have explained in yesterday's post that the Riviera Del Sol is between Calahonda and La Cala de Mijas. The closest beach is not, in my opinion, particularly stunning. I know our visit was out of season but there was a lot of debris and the cafes and buildings fronting the beach were shabby and unkempt so we were disappointed. I certainly would not have wanted to sit on this beach but it was fine for a bracing walk. Before I hear you protest, I know that I musn't judge 'all' on this very small area of beach and we did see some very nice looking beaches further along the coast.

In Fuengirola they hold a very large market on a Tuesday so that is where we headed by bus at a cost of 1 euro 5 cent which is very good value. Apparently, although there are markets held every day at different venues along the coast this is the biggest. It was an early start to get there for 10am as the market finishes at 2pm. There is also a 'Flea market' held here on a Saturday.

Anna (on left) was looking to buy a leather jacket and she was not to be disappointed. However, at one point, we managed to loose her for over half an hour amongst the many stalls and all the people. I was getting quite worried but Tina was convinced she would have gone back to one of the leather stalls. We retraced our footsteps (several times) and finally found her at the spot we had last seen her. After this little episode we agreed a meeting place just in case we got separated again. We had some much needed refreshments before returning to our quest for leather. Whilst we enjoyed our coffee we listened to some beautiful classical guitar music being played from a nearby stall. We all bought several CD's to bring home (mine were a little pressie for hubby). On returning to the first leather stall I did the haggling and we managed to get Anna's jacket for a very good price, so mission accomplished.
We were recommended to try a 'Tipi Tapa Bar Cafeteria' near the bus station and it proved to be well worth it. Everything was cooked to order, my bacon and quail eggs looked devine and tasted even better. Now why didn't I take a photo you might ask, because I didn't remember in my haste to tuck in and I was almost finished by the time I remembered.

Tomorrow I will tell you about our trip to Gibraltar.



At 6/12/06 02:15, Blogger Barbara said...

Reading your posts makes me wish I was on holiday.

At 6/12/06 08:23, Blogger ChrisB said...

Barbara coming home to storms and wind which damaged our roof makes me wish I was back on holiday.

At 6/12/06 09:37, Anonymous EmBee said...

Not being able to se the computer for hours of an evening makes me glad she is not on holiday.

At 6/12/06 09:39, Blogger Beccy said...


At 6/12/06 11:53, Blogger ChrisB said...

Mike If I was on holiday more often you could have the computer all the time !!

At 6/12/06 14:17, Blogger Asha said...

Beautiful pics again Chris!

Visit me today, you can see my whole family:))

At 6/12/06 17:20, Blogger ChrisB said...

Asha thank you; I always look forward to reading your posts and today's was very special it feels like sharing a moment with a friend.


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