Saturday, December 09, 2006


Although Mijas caters for tourists it is a picturesque little town with narrow streets, typical white houses and plenty of flowers and plants. It overlooks the mountains and the coast offering wonderful views. There are lots of attractive little squares, a park, cafes and shops to keep visitors happily occupied for several hours. There is also a bullring but we gave this a miss figuring one was enough (Ronda post).

These three photos were all taken from different angles of the same vantage point. This view is down to the coast and the drive takes about 20 minutes.

Part of the town with mountains in the distance.

Behind the town you see pine tree on the lower parts of the mountains.

This is 'San Sebastian" the street that you see on lots of the postcards. I was expecting it to be a lot steeper than it actually is and once we found it it only took a few minutes to walk to the top and back. It's a pretty little street and there is a church at the top.

This is the a quaint little chapel hollowed out from a rock and there are some religious relics on display. The candlesticks were quite impressive.

Mijas is famous for the donkey taxis. Although they are a big tourist attraction I'm not sure how the donkey's feel about this. They looked pretty pleased when we saw them trotting home at the end of the day .

I can honsetly say I enjoyed my first visit to the Costa Del Sol so I am looking forward the re-visiting in March when we plan to take a trip to Granada and hopefully Tangiers. As far as I am concerned out of season is the best time to visit. I know some attractions and cafes etc are closed and it's not really warm enough to swim outdoors but it's much easier to get about (less people), and the temperature is comfortable for sightseeing (gosh am I winging and turning into the female version of Victor Meldrew).



At 10/12/06 09:19, Blogger Beccy said...

You, Victor Mildrew, never!

So I guess you didn't go on a donkey taxi?

Oh for some sunshine on my skin.

At 10/12/06 12:38, Blogger ChrisB said...

you guess right imagine a poor donkey having to bear my weight.

At 10/12/06 15:38, Blogger Sam said...

mum. please dont become victor meldrew. please.

At 10/12/06 18:27, Blogger ChrisB said...

Sam LOL at your comment I also hope I don't

At 9/12/07 19:06, Blogger lisa's chaos said...

looks like a great place to spend some time. :) And the donkey is so cute.


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