Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sending Hugs Across the World...

I was absolutely thrilled when I was invited by Bron and Ilva to join in this very special event. I'm not a food blogger, although I have been known to share the odd recipe every now and then. I do, however, consider myself to be a friend of the special person who will be getting hugs from around the world this weekend.

I met Barbara through my daughter Sam and I lurked on her blog Winos and Foodies long before I'd ever considered starting my own. Back in 2006 when I tentatively dipped my toes into the world of blogging, Barbara gave me words of encouragement and she quickly adopted me and my other daughter Beccy.

Barbara has a lovely sense of humour and she is a kind sensitive person, who is always ready to offer support and comfort to others.
So, Barbara, now it's our turn to let you know that, as you go through this latest treatment in your battle against cancer, you are always in our thoughts and as I can't give you a real hug this is my virtual hug.

It is winter here in the UK and the only flower still in bloom in my garden is this one which just happens to be pink
Now I wonder if I could tempt you to a little light chocolate mousse made with all organic ingredients. You can always share it with Bryan!

Dark Chocolate Mousse from Pierre Hermé

6 oz bittersweet chocolate
3 fluid oz whole milk
1 egg yolk
4 egg whites
3/4 oz sugar

Chop chocolate into small pieces and place in a heat proof bowl. Place the bowl over a pan of simmering water until melted. Remove from the heat.

Gently bring the milk to a boil. Pour over the melted chocolate and slowly whisk. Add the egg yolk and whisk until fully incorporated. Check temp should be hot but not burning (40c/104F) Allow to cool.

Whisk eggs whites to firm peaks, adding sugar pinch by pinch. Fold in 1/3 of whites into chocolate mixture. whisk briefly, and gently fold in remaining 2/3 egg whites.

Pour into individual servings or a large bowl. Chill for about 1 hour. Decorate with curls of choc.

I know, like me, you enjoy a glass of champagne so I would like to share a glass of French champagne with you (Embee brought this back on his last trip to France).

This comes with lots of love and many hugs

Chris and EmBee xxxx

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At 6/12/08 21:42, Blogger Bron said...

Now Chris! That chocolate mousse is *MY* kinda hug... love it!! Thank you so much for sharing, we would never have left you off our list of "huggers" - you're a very important friend to Barbara and many other bloggers, I'm often a silent lurker myself ;-) thank you again!

At 6/12/08 21:51, Blogger Barbara said...

Chris thank you to you and Embee for your kind words, the beautiful pink flowers and chocolate mousse. Bryan would be fighting me to get to this. It sounds wonderful. This is my first weekend in 6 weeks of feeling almost normal. I'm sure everyone's virtual hugs are responsible. Thank you. I haven't lately commented but I always look forward to your witty Wednesday for a good laugh.

At 6/12/08 22:33, Blogger Steffi said...

Oh Chris,this looks really delicious!Thank you for your recipe!
Have a nice advent sunday!Greetings to Beccy!

At 6/12/08 23:29, Blogger cookiecrumb said...

Very nice! Hugs to all.

At 7/12/08 01:18, Blogger lisaschaos said...

You have SO tempted me! Looks yummy!

At 7/12/08 01:48, Blogger Pamela said...

that chocolate mousse has my name on it. see it... written right there.

Good health wishes for Barbara -- may she be held in the arms of love and lifted up!

At 7/12/08 08:22, Blogger Ilva said...

Lovely hug! Thanks for participating!

At 7/12/08 09:19, Blogger Beccy said...

Mmmmmm that mousse looks delicious, what a wonderful hug.

At 7/12/08 20:18, Blogger Andrea said...

That is a delicious hug, and well said.

At 8/12/08 20:53, Blogger Jen Yu said...

Mmmm, a delicious and beautiful hug!!

At 10/12/08 19:46, Anonymous Chez Us said...

Chocolate always makes you feel better as well as champagne. Nice post!


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