Monday, March 24, 2008

Fun Monday # 59 My Aphabet....

Swampy has set us a mammoth fun task this week. I'm going to concentrate on me, my family and travel~ of course this might change as I begin to write who knows because I certainly don't!!

A.... I'm mrs Average, an Aquarian, born before Apollo 11 took Armstrong and Aldrin to the moon mrs A is not a high Achiever but she Adores her children and grandchildren, she thinks they are Amazing (grand/mother's prerogative) and takes she pride in all their Accomplishments. mrs A would have been Anonymous if it wasn't for all her blog Amis. Oh and ms A has been to America, she has seen the inside of Alcatraz, relaxed on Anna Marie Island and visited the Alhambra in Spain.

B........her Boobs and Bottom are too Big! she doesn't like Beer and gets easily Bored which is why she had Become an avid Blogger (this also contributes to the Big Bottom syndrome). She was Bred in Berkeley and lived close to Berkeley Castle. She learned to swim in a Brook in the castle meadow, alongside the cows (literally) and now lives in Bristol. She likes Books and still has all her childhood Books and those of her children I know she's pretty Barmy(mad) but that's the way it is! She was planning a Bike ride over Easter But the weather is so Bad she doesn't want to get pneumonia! Travel destinations include Bigbury in Devon (first ever family holiday at the age of 16) and she had to take net and stiff nylon petticoats in a carrier Bag (all the rage in 1960 even if they did take up so much room in the small car)and doesn't that skirt look hideous it was lilac and white! Confirmation enough that she's Barmy!! Her eldest daughter graduated from Bournemouth University so she's been there. She has also Been to Barbados, Boston or Boston cont, Buffalo (great shopping Mall) and Busch Gardens.

C........she has always Considered herself a caring person, others, of Course may not agree! Championing the underdog at school (often got her into trouble) and her Career has taken her from nursing to social services and education for Children. Her husband thinks she is conformist and I suppose she does keep to the rules (well, maybe not always on fun monday!). She can be Cantankerous (never you say!), is often Cautious and because of her inferiority Complex (from childhood~ families can be a pain sometimes) she is extremely Competitive and likes to Challenge herself. She enjoys family Celebrations, such as Christenings of her grand children loves Champagne (yesterday, after a kir royal she shared a bottle of Tattinger Rose Champagne with Embee); Cornwall was the holiday destination for her family for many years and she has wondered whether to move there! She has visited Canada.

D.......she is not Domineering, Dictatorial or Despotic, Despite the fact that someone who shall remain nameless thinks otherwise! After all there are only so many times one asks for something to be done before one goes Demonic. She gets Depressed in the long winter months. She loves Dogs and although she has not had a pet pooch for many years, there have been several much loved Dogs in the family. She regularly visits Dublin, and has been to Dominica

E......she is Energetic (well sometimes) and can be relied on the help out in an Emergency. She could never be called Elegant or Easy on the Eye (sigh Envy) more Earth-mother!! She lives in England one of the European countries and visited Edinburgh in Scotland when she was twenty. Echo Lake in the Fall is somewhere that she feels would be well worth another visit. She has a daughter who used to say 'Elepant' (I forgot this in last week's assignment so just wanted to get it in!!)

F.......she will never see Forty again or Fifty if it comes to that! she makes a loyal Friend who will Fight your corner! Family is the centre of her world she enjoys riding on Ferris wheels, loves Fragrant Flowers~Favourites are Freesias and Fuchsia (I know not Fragrant but pretty). She enjoys Fungi Foraging and always eats her Five a day including plenty of Fruit. She has been to Florida, France and Fuengirola but wouldn't particularly want to go there again!

G.......she is a Good listener and is a Grandmother to three Gorgeous Grandchildren; she has visited Grenada, Gulf of Mexico, Granada; all Great places for Good holidays.

H.......she is Helpful to Her daughters (Hope they agree!); she lived in a suburb of Bristol called Henleaze; her youngest daughter graduated from Hull University and so she has been to Hull a few times; she has Happy memories of various Hobbies in her life. She has been in a Helicopter twice; once to see the Grand Canyon over the Hoover Dam and once to see New York. She has twice been to Ham Farm, in Devon, on a detox retreat!

I.......she is Impatient according to embee, yes I like to get things done immediately~It rarely happens hence the Impatience! Is she Imaginative embee Insists that she is~she is less certain! she Imposes (not really She knows she's welcome but she wanted an 'I') herself on the family in Ireland!

J...... she enjoys Jokes; she used to knit Jumpers for her nearest and dearest; and her first ever trip abroad was when she visited the Jungfrau Ice palace on a school trip in 1960. You probably can't spot mrs A on this small photo! she needed a Jumper there!
She is looking forward to her summer holiday in June this year with Beccy and family.

K......she is Kind according to, at least one friend! her daughter lives in Killiney; she has been to a wedding in Kilkea Castle (which is now a hotel)
and is in County Kildare.

L......she is a Loving mother and grandmother and considers herself Lucky to have close family ties but this doesn't stop her feeling Lonely sometimes; she used to go to London regularly, when Sam lived there; she has been to Las Vagas but did not gamble~ can you believe this woman!

M......she has been know to be Manipulative; there was a time when she had a good Memory; she took a day trip to Morocco when she was holidaying in Spain, she has also visited Mousehole, Mevagissey, Moussey, Marin

N......she is a Non-smoker; she had grandparents who lived in Nettlebed in a cottage in a woodland area of the village; she has visited New York, New England, Niagara during the past two years.

O......she likes to be Organised much to the annoyance of some! she has been to Oxford which is very pretty.

P...... she is generally Punctual; she has been to Portugal twice, last time staying in Porches and she is going again this year.

Q...... she would like to be Quirky but is boringly conventional; she is Quite a Quiet person. She has been to one of the Queen's homes (Windsor Castle)but only seen the outside of Buckingham Palace. She did get a wave from the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret as they drove past her house, when they visited Berkeley Castle, in the 50's.

R...... since she Retired she has been a bit Restless; she Reads Regularly, mainly fiction; she has visited Rosslaire; she had family living in Reading and Russell's Water (quaint name!)

S......she doesn't Swear (at least not often). She enjoys some Sport but not Soccer and is very Sad she can no longer play her favourite game (see 'T')! however she Swims twice a week for exercise; she loves Sunsets and Sun rises; she often feels Stressed~ goodness knows why! she has visited Sausalito, San Francisco, St Lucia, St Vincent, Spain, Scotland and Switzerland.

T......she Tries to be Thoughtful; she absolutely loves Tennis and visited a friend in Toronto last year. This friend is now expecting a baby later in the year.

U......she is not Unconventional; she is often and not the prettiest pebble on the beach~ maybe not the Ugliest either, that's not for her to judge!!
Last year she was Unbelievably lucky enough to have dined with an awesome blogger in Ubuntu in Napa.

V......she would like to think herself Valiant in a difficult situation but would more likely be Vulnerable! she wonders if people consider her Vulgar but her jokes aren't that rude~ are they!!
She once visited Virginia Falls and has been to St Vincent

W......she is often like how to tackle this assignment! she has travelled to the West Indies on a banana boat~ now that's got you wondering!! She has been to Wengen(Switzerland) and she lives not far from a place called Wotten-Under-Edge; and being a tennis fan she has been to Wimbledon but only the once.

X.......she is not Xenophobic and enjoys learning about different cultures and customs; she has seen the film Xanadu I know scraping the bottom of the barrel but it is X! she cannot think of anywhere she has visited beginning with X! she gets older Yesterdays have become important; she has visited Yosemite National Park and would love to go back again; she would also love to visit Yellowstone National Park; she has eaten in Yield wine bar in San Francisco.

Z.......she is sometimes Zany would like to be she has been to Zoos in several countries. Mrs Average is now feeling very
as this has taken her a long time and she still has not even included all the photos as originally intended. However if you have got this far you need a medal and I warn you there may be errors!! See you all over the next couple of days~ Embee is home as we have a Public Holiday and he has started clearing out his study, so it won't look good if I sit at the computer all day!

2007: Super Natural Cooking + You are what you eat

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At 24/3/08 15:58, Anonymous swampy said...

OH! MY! GOODNESS! That was, by far, the most detailed ABC list yet !
I can't imagine how much time it took you to put all this together. I can't remember that many details about myself, much less be able to post them.
Very interesting. I will be back to read it again. There's no way I can take it all in at once !
Thanks for playing today. You went above and beyond the call of duty.
Have a great week. I need to go lie down and rest just reading this.

At 24/3/08 16:16, Blogger john.g. said...

That was brilliant! But you forgot JohnG under the 'J'.


At 24/3/08 16:46, Blogger ChrisB said...

john so I did~ damn~ but I don't think I'll amend it!!

At 24/3/08 17:19, Blogger Gattina said...

Now you are like an open book to me, lol ! what a post ! I wanted to shut down my computer as usual at 6 pm and now I just finished reading. You haven't been in Brussels I saw it under B, lol !

At 24/3/08 17:54, Blogger Pamela said...

Another Wow from this corner.
I just got tired when I saw how many letters you had to highlight in this post.

At 24/3/08 17:58, Blogger Sam said...

My mother is 99.99% brilliant.
To be 100% all she has to do is go back and re-spell Fuchsia.
Great job mommy!

At 24/3/08 18:14, Blogger ChrisB said...

Sam no sooner said than done! I asked dad to proof read it for me and he missed that one!

At 24/3/08 18:24, Blogger katy said...

Had fun learning more about you
Jealous - me of all the places you have been!
Katy yep you forgot me to!
Lovingly put
Making mondays fun for sure
Noticing the hard work you put into this
Oh you done real well
Pleasing post as always
Quiet without you in blog land
Relax but get back here soon
Say you won't be away too long
Time it must have took to do
Undeniabley entertaining
Very enjoybale
Week will be long without your posts
Xpecting to here lots
You done really well

At 24/3/08 18:41, Blogger lisa marie said...

I love how x gives us all troubles. I bet she has been x-rayed, maybe she has x-ray vision? That was a lot of work I bet. I think you're kind so that makes at least two of us and maybe Embee is wrong about impatience.

At 24/3/08 18:50, Blogger IamwhoIam said...

Your Far Above Average, and that was some FM Post.

At 24/3/08 19:05, Blogger Beckie said...

Absolutely Fantastic! I love it!

At 24/3/08 19:37, Blogger Alix said...

That was excellent! You have been to so many cool places to!
In Las Vegas did you not even play the slot machines?

At 24/3/08 19:53, Blogger Junebug said...

Wow! I will come back in a little bit to finish reading it all. Kinda of like my music post, you couldn't possibly listen to all of them at once. Hee hee. Yours is great.

At 24/3/08 20:10, Blogger Lil Mouse said...

wow. you've seen more of the US than I have. and I LIVE HERE! Crazy, and I find all that stuff about you very interesting. Imagine a place called Mousehole! ha! oh and i love all your cartoons in the next post!

At 24/3/08 20:28, Blogger Faye said...

Okay, do you need my post address so I can get my medal? I did indeed read all your vital and not so vital stats! what a great sense of humor you have.

At 24/3/08 20:31, Blogger jientje said...

Not average at all! And the lady's got taste! That TaitingerRosé Champagne could tempt me too!

At 24/3/08 20:54, Blogger ChrisB said...

Katy your comment is is wonderful a post in itself~ thank you for that I loved it xx

pamela my wrist did begin to ache with all the highlghting!

lisa marie 'impatient' embee could be right sometimes!!

alix I did not even play a slot machine~ I'm too mean to loose money!!

lil mouse~ Mousehole(pronounced 'mauzel') just the place for you!!

faye I will have to make you a button medal sometime!

jientje I take it you are a champagne lover too!!

At 24/3/08 21:00, Blogger Karina said...

OH wow, I loved this list. You really put a lot of work into it! Andm my, you sure have travelled a lot!!

Great list, I loved learning so much about you!

At 24/3/08 21:30, Blogger hulagirlatheart said...

That was fabulous! So very glad to meet you. I shall stop again.

At 24/3/08 21:31, Blogger Willowtree said...

You have way too much time.

At 24/3/08 22:47, Blogger Barbara said...

Loved the post Chris.

At 24/3/08 23:12, Blogger mjd said...

Chris, this wonderful. I think you have outdone us all. Quite a feat for someone. who calls herself mrs Average. With all your interests and accomplishmants, you definitely are not average, modest but not average

At 24/3/08 23:34, Blogger Crown Princess said...

OMG, that was a kick arse list. you rock

At 24/3/08 23:52, Blogger Jettie said...

That is quite a list! I love your B one!!!! Love it!!!
Thanks for your sweet words!! Come see what we found!!

At 25/3/08 00:49, Blogger karisma said...

Wow! That was Awesome! I think you should take a prize, this has to be the best one yet. I especially loved the worried pictures towards the end. Nice touch! Now you mentioned jumpers and I just realized I have one only half sewed together that needs to jump a plane. I should stop blogging and go see to it!

At 25/3/08 00:59, Blogger Alison said...

I love it Chris!!! that is wonderful!! brilliant job!

At 25/3/08 01:00, Blogger Sayre said...

Wow! So... where in Florida - and I do believe that it is illegal to visit Las Vegas and NOT gamble. At least that's what I was lead to believe **blush**

At 25/3/08 01:18, Blogger Jo Beaufoix said...

Wow, that was amazing, and I didn't spot any errors, though it is 1.15am so that may have been me. You have traveled to so many amazing places, and your enthusiasm for all of them just floods out. I would definitely go with energetic as I feel shattered after reading all this, but also exhilarated. You make me want to go out and do stuff. I won't, it is late, but tomorrow...

At 25/3/08 01:51, Blogger Celeste said...

Wow!! I am very impressed. I don't think I have such a command of the English language.

By the way, my favorite was "B".

At 25/3/08 01:58, Blogger BS said...

That was a wonderful post - very interesting too AND you have been quite the traveler. Come visit VA any time (and Washington, DC too!)

At 25/3/08 02:31, Blogger Melanie said...

Wow! What a list! You obviously spent a lot of time working on it. I'm tired just thinking about it!

At 25/3/08 02:51, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

AWESOME! You went all out. I think B and U were my favorite.

At 25/3/08 03:01, Blogger Peter said...

Worth waiting for Chris, a lot of effort went into this post.
Thanks for your kind words.

At 25/3/08 08:25, Blogger Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Oh very well done Chris!!

At 25/3/08 08:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I truly enjoyed reading this and chuckled in places! What a brilliant A to Z list!

At 25/3/08 09:10, Blogger Steffi said...

Cool ABC list!Funny!

At 25/3/08 09:15, Blogger SwampAngel65 said...

Well, this assignment really got us to know more about you! You're fortunate you've been able to travel as much as you have. And imagine going to Vegas and not gambling!!! I think you are a very smart woman ;)

"Zombified" it!

At 25/3/08 10:20, Blogger Beccy said...

You could never impose yourself on us, as you know I think you should visit more often!

Mollie is in a display on the 11th if you want to come over?

At 25/3/08 13:40, Anonymous nikki said...

Wow, I am totally impressed! Great job Chris!

At 25/3/08 14:01, Blogger kitten said...

I'm with Swampy! This is the best post! Wonderful job! And glad to get to know you a little more.

At 25/3/08 16:04, Blogger Kaytabug said...

What a fantastic read! I enjoyed reading about you!!Great job!

At 25/3/08 17:00, Anonymous Christine said...

Absolutely wonderful job, Chris.
Very Brillant, and I don't think you are Mrs. Average either.

At 26/3/08 00:38, Blogger Sandy said...

I am SO impressed. I think you are Mrs.

At 26/3/08 12:25, Blogger Southern Doll said...

Wow, this was awesome!

I was wondering, if I wanted to host a Fun Monday, who would I need to tell?

At 26/3/08 13:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a bit behind but I have to congratulate you on keeping me engaged - I read your whole ABC with huge interest. It's quite amazing how much we have in common, not least that we live relatively close to each other in Blogsphere terms. I'll keep visiting.

At 28/3/08 20:48, Blogger elena jane said...

that was fabulous chris!! :)


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