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You are what you eat

You Are What You Eat

I was tagged by barbara to give you some insight into my eating habbits so here we are:

If you were stuck on an island and could only eat one cuisine (e.g., French, Italian, etc.) for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?

This is a difficult one and it's only the first question. I like a wide variety of food and I wouldn't mind which cuisine as long as someone else cooked it and of course marmite has to be in there somewhere.

What is the most unusual food you've eaten?

I do like to try different foods but I've had nothing out of the ordinary. I had crocodile when we were in Florida, I tried ostrich when it was first introduced to UK, oh I've had kobe beef.

What is the most unusual food you've eaten and liked?

I've pondered and can't really find an answer. It's not unusual but the calimari, whitebait and the cuttle fish I had on my recent trip to Spain were freshly caught and sooo delicious (I should probably add cuttle fish to the above answer- it may not be unusual to many but I have never seen it on a menu before).

What foods will you avoid eating (either because of a dietary choice or allergies or just plain don't like)?

For me this has to be oysters. The first and last time I tried them was when I went to Portugal with Sam on a spa holiday before she left England. They were on the menu the first day and I spent the night throwing up so this was a never to be repeated experience.

Oh and lambs tails don't really appeal to me, not that I've ever tried them and if you wonder what I mean take a look here. Just thought I don't like heart but enjoy other offal.

Do you cook (and by that, I mean prepare a meal that you'd serve to friends)?

Of course I cook, and do entertain friends and family. Lucky they are not fussy (well my friends aren't!!)

If yes, what is your favorite dish to prepare to impress someone?

My cooking is not the impressive variety, anyone who regularly reads sam's blog will know she was never impressed with my cooking when she was a child. She often refers to overcooked veg. If you've ever tried getting a faddy eater to even try food that is not well cooked you will understand my problems.

I don't have a failsafe dish I would always use but I think for a main course I would do a tradditional roast beef, yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes (and parsnips depending on time of the year) with a selection of in season vegetables.

The soup that everyone seems likes is my broccoli and cheese (in my opinion this would be too rich a soup to go with a heavy main course)

Not sure about a dessert it's not impressive but fresh fruit can look very attractive or might produce a crumble or blackberry( own grown) and apple pie.

When you go to a restaurant, what's your ordering strategy/preference

I don't have any pre-concieved strategy. If I am abroad I do like to try different foods. At home it depends on the type of restuarant, I am often drawn to a steak (I can hear you saying boring person) basically I see what takes my fancy from the menu and sometimes I go on recommendation or try the chef's special.

Have you ever returned a dish or wine to the kitchen at a restaurant? Why?

I know I have and I'm trying to remember why; I can tell you when I should have complained but didn't. On my recent trip to Spain, on our last evening, we decided to eat in one of the on site restaurants. I decided to try a grilled fish (wish I could remember the name of it was told it was Thai think it began with 'p"). I was convinced it was not properly cooked and the following day I had a grumbly tummy. I know the family will be so surprised as I am usually first in line to complain when necessary.

How many cookbooks do you own?
Coincidentally my cookery books have been ear marked for a post. I started a count and got to 81, on top of this there are several large files of recipes. I don't use that many of them but I somehow can't bring myself to throw them out.

What is one food that you wouldn't want to live without?

My husband immediately said chocolate but I disagree with him, I can easily live without it but if there's any in the house I usually feel compelled to eat it. No for me it would be fresh fruit I get withdrawal symptoms (metaphorically speaking) if I don't get my daily dose.

I'm not tagging anyone so I'm looking for volunteers to give this a go.



At 24/3/07 10:51, Blogger Beccy said...

Mum, is the Pope a Catholic?

At 24/3/07 13:32, Blogger frannie said...

I loved reading this... the meal you described about the roast and the pudding sounds just like our Christmas dinner every year. The only time I ever get yorkshire pudding.

and I am envious of your cookbook collection!!!

If you overcook veggies, you would fit right in in the south. When my family makes green beans, we cook them for at LEAST 4 hours! Sam would hate them!

At 24/3/07 15:30, Blogger Sam said...

But Sam LOVES mum's roast beef with yorkshire pud and roast potatoes. She would even eat the parsnips these days. That's enough on my plate for one meal. Soggy sprouts on top of that would just spoil the platter.

I am so sorry what happened to mum with the oysters because I think she actually liked them.

Mum - why don't you like beef heart? It tastes like a succulent steak with a hint of tinniness a la liver. I was convinced you would like it.

when you come to SF we will go eating at Incanto and you can try some nice offal.

At 24/3/07 16:16, Blogger ChrisB said...

frannie I think this is quite a traditional meal for us. As a child growing up my dad expected his roast meal every Sunday. I did follow that tradition when Sam and Beccy were young but its not really practical these days to be chained to the kitchen so its more a special ocassion meal.

Sam I have just seen a new way to cook sprouts in 'my cook book' so you might even enjoy those!!

When I was a student nurse and we had been disecting heart to go back to the nurses home and find it on the menu just made me feel so ill. (I nearly got expelled for refusing to eat it and that was the time I threw the meal across the room as the stupid *** of a warden would not let me have salad instead (she had given salad to others). I was so mad and felt it's not the way to treat an 18 yr old. Of course I should not have reacted like I did; had I been more mature I could have got my revenge in other ways; If I'd eaten it I would probably have thrown up and she would have had to clear up. Anyway I won the battle as I did not eat it and the tutor was actually on my side. I'm not sure I should be sharing this with the world!!

At 24/3/07 18:45, Anonymous Karmyn said...

Even though chocolate is a necessity to me - I would have to agree with you about fresh fruit. I LOVE IT and would be sad to not have it available.

At 24/3/07 20:35, Blogger ChrisB said...

karmyn I would hate to admit how much I spend on fruit and veg each week.

At 27/3/07 18:20, Blogger elena jane said...

i love this, i must go thru everyone's blogs and snag the memes!

At 27/3/07 21:02, Blogger ChrisB said...

elena jane give it a go its a fun one to do. I don't like tagging people in case I offend anyone so I'll be glad if you volunteer to do this one. Thanks.

At 28/3/07 22:23, Blogger Barbara said...

Thanks for playing Chris.

At 28/3/07 22:46, Blogger ChrisB said...

barbara they were not very exciting answers.


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