Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy Anniversary Embee

Little quiz but no prize (not for family)

In which year did we get married (the clothes may give a clue, however did I choose that dress, I think it was something to do with not having much money, being in a sale in a designer shop and time running out).

The third child is embee's daughter Mandi who now lives in Denmark.

PS Embee hope you have a my favourite tipple on ice!!

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At 22/3/07 10:21, Blogger Sally Lomax said...

I reckon that it was 1977. The resaon being that I had a blue skirt very simlar to the girls skirts - almost identical to Sam's, in 1977. I know because I went to France that year and can remember wearing it on my return journey to the airport. i had a pink dress in a tiered design the following year, but i think that one frill around the bottom preceded the tiered style by one year!

Also Beccy looks about 8 to me there and SAme about 11ish, which knowing their ages now would be about rightish. Also the cheesclothy type tops were fashionable about then too!! Sort of all just pre Princess Di time....

My thoughts anyway!

At 22/3/07 11:44, Blogger Ailsa said...

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At 22/3/07 11:45, Blogger Ailsa said...

My bet's on 1978

Where in Denmark does Mandi live?

At 22/3/07 13:41, Anonymous Lisa said...

I guess 1979, as Beccy is about my age I think, and I think that's about how I looked at that time (well, almost, I was more dorky!)

At 22/3/07 14:04, Blogger Asha said...

My guess would be 1974! I am a bad guesser! ;P

That is one beautiful photo Chris!:))

At 22/3/07 14:53, Blogger Beccy said...

I am so cute!

I know, I know!

I remember wanting the blue skirt but now I'm glad to see me in the pink!

At 22/3/07 14:54, Blogger Beccy said...

BTW Happy anniversary.

At 22/3/07 15:08, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

I would have guessed 70s without the guesses above, but I wouldn't dare to pick an actual year.

At 22/3/07 18:27, Blogger alisonwonderland said...

okay, i looked at beccy's profile, and she is 37 now, so i'm going to say 1978 ...

hey, i think your dress is fabulous! especially with the hat!

happy anniversary!

At 22/3/07 18:44, Blogger Sam said...

I don't even know myself. I would side with lisa I think?

I think at the time I wanted the blue skirt but now i would prefer the pink.

We should have all had pink to match mum's dress.

The advantage of being a daughter is that it is really not your duty to have to remember your parent's wedding anniversary. It's a grown up thing and since they never think of us as grown up we are allowed to keep forgetting it.

I'll never forget the party after the wedding though (the wonderful spread, the elderly aunt eating dry toast), etc

ENjoy your champagne!


At 23/3/07 03:29, Anonymous Karmyn said...

I am going off the board and saying 1981. (although it looks totally 1970)

At 23/3/07 09:23, Blogger ChrisB said...

Sally only a year out beccy was 8 though. and Sam was 11 so you were spot on there.

Ailsa right in one 1978 (sorry no prize) Mandi lives in Esbjeg.

Lisa you were only a year out.

Asha I first got friendly with Embee around 1974

Anvilcloud the clothes are a give away

Alisonwonderland good deduction thank you for the clothes compliment not sure it's deserved.

Karmyn yes totally 70's

Sam yes you were insistant on having blue, that was Auntie Hilda my granny's sister.

Beccy I thought you had the choice of colour but anyway you did look cute.

At 23/3/07 14:37, Blogger Beccy said...

No, Mum I wanted blue but as Sam was the eldest she was allowed to choose. I was not happy at having to have the same colour as Mandi, I wanted to be individual.

I was wrong, I thought I was nine and it was when I was in 2nd year during the Easter holidays therefore 1979. I was so sure I can remember going back and telling my teacher Miss Haddy about the wedding.

But of course you know the year you were married so I must be confusing it with some other event, do you know what that might be?

At 23/3/07 17:18, Blogger Sam said...

I thought I was 12 - I agree with Beccy - I don't think mum remembers the year she was married.

Surely it was 1979.

At 23/3/07 17:40, Blogger ChrisB said...

Ok you two I may be going senile etc but remember this was March so I believe you sam were 12 in the June and beccy was 9 in the November. I also have a photo here signed by the photographer which is dated 1978 so he must have been wrong and it looks like the registra also got it wrong on the marriage certificate as that's dated 1978 so I wonder who's got the best memory!!!!!

At 23/3/07 17:54, Blogger Beccy said...

So glad you checked Mum I didn't want to ask you outright. Maybe 79 was the year we got Tamsie?

Is the writing clear on the photos and cert?

At 23/3/07 17:55, Blogger Beccy said...

Maybe you should have had a whole bottle of champagne!

At 23/3/07 18:25, Blogger cookiecrumb said...

Stop squabbling, you kids! This is a celebration!
Happy anniversary, Chris and Embee.
(I was going to guess 1981 too, because your clothes remind me of my own wedding then.)

At 23/3/07 19:26, Blogger Beccy said...

Technically CC we're not sqabbling just doubting Mum, which is not good and will displease her immensly!

At 23/3/07 19:48, Blogger Sam said...

It's really funny that both of us were convinced of our age at the time of the wedding. I was convinced I was 12 and beccy was convinced she was nine.

What this proves categorically is mum's lifelong habit, which she will not be able to deny, of verbally adding a year on to our ages usually in an attempt to make us behave and act like we were older. She clearly led us to believe we were 9 and 12 at the time of their marriage.

Of course, she reveresed this trend a few years later when we wanted go clubbing. 'But you are only 15-----------', she would say, then knocing a year off our age instead of adding one on.

At 23/3/07 22:03, Blogger Sam said...

PS - Mood hungover?

Mayb you could get tipsy onthe champagne if you had a couple of vodka chasers to start with!

At 23/3/07 23:27, Blogger ChrisB said...

CC thank you. I don't take too much notice of them but just for a minute I hesitated in case I'd got it wrong.

Beccy I'm just glad I was right (she says with a satisfied smug look) I must change my mood!!

Sam Well you would have been in the correct yr. I cleverly adapted to the situation that's what mohters do; just like daughters can be econmical with the truth!!

The hungover was a joke really you know I don't drink that much, but I did rather like my wine with lunch and the afternoon sangria when I was in Spain

At 23/3/07 23:30, Blogger ChrisB said...

beccy you are probably right about Tamsie we got her in Feb. 79 I think But I have not checked so might be wrong


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