Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sunny Spain

On the day we went to Spain we had to be at the airport around 4:30 am, I must have been mad when I booked such an early flight forgetting we had to arrive a couple of hours before departure. My friend Tina had all her hand luggage checked and I was frisked as I always set the alarm ringing for some reason, Anna had no problems. We finally left a cold dreary Bristol and arrived in a warm sunny, Malaga where temperatures were in the 20's by 10 am. It took us approximately half an hour by taxi to arrive at Pueblo-Evita on Benalmadena, an area of the Costa del Sol.

We were a bit apprehensive as this was free accommodation won by Tina. On our last trip back in November, also an accommodation freebie, we had an upgrade, getting a very good appartment. Not so lucky this time, it was a small top floor apartment with only one bathroom but we managed.

This is one view from our balcony and you can just see the sea in the distance.

Another balcony view, the pool is just out of sight in this photo. It was being refurbished so was not in use for the first five days. Although very sheltered and warm around the pool, it was so deep the water didn't really heat up. This meant it was actually too cold for us to swim. I actually didn't see anyone use it, but one child was having fun in the baby pool on our last day.

It was an easy walk to the beach, only a few minutes walk away and we spent a very pleasant afternoon enjoying the sun and the sea and generally exploring the area. I did paddle but couldn't convince my friends to join me.

You can see from the photos looking up and down the beach that it's a very long stretch of sand. It will not be half as nice in the summer when its crowded.

Behind the complex you get a view of the mountain and you can just see the cable car in the distance, the day we took this ride was rather cloudy. We did a lot of sight seeing, taking in the old part of Malaga, Granada (the Alhambra palace was amazing) and we took a trip to Morocco (it reminded me of the old Bing Crosby, Bob Hope film 'Road to Morocco', now that shows my age). We found a wonderful fish restaurant and ended up going there three times for lunch. So will reveal more in future posts.

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At 21/3/07 20:10, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

My briefcase used to set the alarm off at our school library.

At 21/3/07 20:13, Blogger Sam said...

the weather looks so good, you could almost be in California!

At 21/3/07 22:21, Blogger Beccy said...

I want to be on that beach, it's got much colder here!

At 21/3/07 22:32, Blogger Asha said...

Beautiful Chris! I have been to Malaga and to Alhambra palace.We stayed in Roquetas De Mar and rented a car ,went sight seeing around Malaga.Lucky you,enjoy.

At 21/3/07 22:32, Anonymous Karmyn said...

That looks lovely!!!

At 21/3/07 22:35, Blogger ChrisB said...

anvilcloud its weird how this happens, I'm going to be so surprised if the day ever comes when I walk through a scanner and there's no bleeping.

sam it was so hot during the day, it's horrible to come home and feel so cold again.

beccy this was a much better beach than where we stayed last time and it was nice to be within easy walking distance. Just remember you have France to look forward to.

At 22/3/07 05:35, Blogger enidd said...

enidd thinks seaside towns are much nicer out of season. glad you enjoyed your holiday.

At 22/3/07 08:50, Blogger ChrisB said...

Asha I took quite a few photos of the Alhambra so when I post them I hope it will bring back happy memories for you.

karmyn we had a busy but at the same time relaxing week.

enidd I fully agree and C-D-S would certainly not be the place to visit in season.

At 22/3/07 09:39, Anonymous EmBee said...

I see there was no mention of the poor old taxi driver who got you to the Airport!!!!!Happy Anniversary.

At 22/3/07 12:34, Blogger ChrisB said...

embee sorry we did appreciate you get up way before dawn


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