Sunday, November 04, 2007

Won't you join me for breakfast....

I know I keep saying this and you will be fed up with hearing it. But, why is it when you want to do a quick post and upload a photo blogger keeps telling you there's an error and asks you what you were doing at the time....trying to upload a photo what else! (my girls would be so shocked if I said swearing at the screen, picking my nose and farting, none of which I was doing of course) I'll leave all that to himself!! Oh and if you want to have a laugh you might just want to read what Wendz has to say on the subject of (f..t..g) in her post Crossing the line.

Anyway back to breakfast which I tend to eat at the computer, bad example but no children to see me unless I'm on skype and that means Beccy is doing the same, and in any case she's old enough to know it's not good for the digestion!

I always start the day with a mug of boiled water and until three months ago this was always followed by freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juice. However as you can see from the picture I'm in my Muesli phase, starting with the basic mix I add a bit from all the containers, in the metal ones I have prunes (only to be eaten sparingly!) whole almonds and sesame seeds. I'll leave you to work out what else I add. This is topped with some natural organic yoghurt and fresh fruit. Then I spoil the healthy breakfast with a cup of coffee. So if you come to my place this is what's on offer!

I'm on countdown to the time when I can have breakfast with Sam and I know one time this will be at the Farmers Market so as you can imagine I am looking forward to this treat.

Enjoy your Sunday.

P.S. For anyone who read yesterday's post the 'Teapot' cost £4:49 (about $9.3) (odd amount and possibly overpriced for a charity shop, but I have noticed some prices creeping up lately). My mother loves it so that's all that matters.

November 4th 2006: Bearing Gifts



At 4/11/07 12:23, Blogger her indoors said...

will join you for coffee but will pass on breakfast! gosh the thought of the prunes has me dashing lol!

At 4/11/07 12:40, Anonymous Grannymar said...

Our breakfasts are quite similar Chris.

I boil a full kettle of water(1.8Lts) and drink beaker after beaker until it is finished. With it I have museli with orange juice on it as Dairy products are out for me.

On the side I have 3 Apricots, 2 figs and 5 dates. Total four full portions of fruit (the oj counts as one). I also have almonds, brazils, cashews, macademias and walnuts.

I love my brekkie and enjoy a real coffee at elevenses time.

At 4/11/07 15:51, Blogger Sam said...

Mum - you are in luck!
I have homemade meusli and always natural yoghurt and I can get fresh fruit but you will only be allowed what is seasonal and local.
Also I think I can handle your hot water requirements, but you might need to bring your own coffee cos we can't get that type you drink here.

At 4/11/07 16:20, Blogger Sam said...

BTW - I am a proud hot water drinker too - I drink it all day long at work. The French think I am crazy.

At 4/11/07 16:20, Blogger ChrisB said...

her indoors why do you think I only have one or two and not everyday!!

grannymar we are very similar in our breakfast diet. I couldn't manage all that water though. I don't have a lot of dairy but thought I needed a bit. I don't have much citrous since I read it was not good for arthritis. But then I don't know what to believe as we get so much contrary info fed to us by the media!!

sam I'd already thought about the coffee. So what fruit will be available when I come?

At 4/11/07 16:20, Blogger Sam said...

nut my FIRST cup of the day has to be tea

At 4/11/07 16:22, Blogger Sam said...

well - look at my post and check the seasonality synopsis and then give me your shopping list. I guess you will like kiwi. I haven't seen them yet. But I think you can't eat citrus, right?

At 4/11/07 16:34, Blogger ChrisB said...

sam have looked at the list and not much to choose from as I don't eat citrus. I love kiwi and apples (not pink lady.

At 4/11/07 17:03, Blogger Alix said...

That looks a fabulous breakfast. I always try and have some fruit with my cereal.
Have I missed something about hot water being good for you and does it count if you dunk a tea bag in it or does that cancel it out???

At 4/11/07 17:34, Blogger john.g. said...

Where's the FRY-UP?
Egg, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, fried bread, sausage, black pudding.

At 4/11/07 18:13, Anonymous gawilli said...

Geez, I feel like such a slacker. My breakfast says Quaker on the front, comes in a little foil wrapper, and takes no preparation. Maybe I could come to your house!

At 4/11/07 18:20, Blogger ChrisB said...

alix hot water is very good for flushing the system!

john you can join embee that would be his b'fast of choice!

gawilli I'll set you a place tomorrow!

At 4/11/07 20:20, Blogger Steffi said...

Your breakfast that looks fabulous and my kids eat the same.I would like to have a breakfast with you too!

At 5/11/07 03:55, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

That is a very healthy breakfast. I need to eat better in the morning.

I just recently was invited to a Tea Party and the hostess had such lovely sets of teapots. I was tempted to start collecting my own.

At 5/11/07 10:32, Blogger Beccy said...

I still prefer hot toast dripping with butter and marmite!

At 5/11/07 13:23, Blogger ChrisB said...

beccy but that is not as sustaining as meusli!!

At 5/11/07 17:47, Blogger thefoodsnob said...

Looks good, I'll be over!



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